Community College: Courses Offered


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CSD ** Level


 Assam Engineering Institute,   Guwahati  Automobile Technology [Vehicle   testing]  I & II  100
 Coustruction [Buliding Technology]  100
 Girls’ Polytechnic, Guwahati  Font Office Management   Operation(FOMO)  I & II  100
 POWI, Jorhat  Farm Machinery and Power(Tea   Factory Technician)  I & II  100
 Drilling Techician(Oil Drilling)  100
 Dibrugarh Polytechnic, Dibrugarh  Machinist-1  I & II  100
 Electrical Equipment Maintenance   and House Wiring  100
 Silchar Polytechnic, Silchar  Refrigeration & Air Conditioning  I & II  100
 Automobile(2-3 Wheelers)  100
 Bongaigaon Polytechnic, Bongaigaon  Electrical Equipment Maintenance  I & II  100
 Auto electrical and electronics  100