In 1950, just after independence, India had a shortage of Technical craftsman and also some junior level skilled workers in order to promote Engineering works. Then was the time when there were training centres opened under Craftsmen Training Scheme and with the supervision of Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGET), Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. They started some training programs and this was what was named as ITI which started with just an idea of providing the students out there with the best courses (technical ones) after they complete their class 10th. This was where the start was made and today we can see that ITI specializes in more than 130 different courses and gained a name among people for providing the best courses after 10th. The time period covered by these courses were ranging from 6 months to 2 years and the eligibility was a candidate who passed his or her 8th standard or 10th standard under a recognised university. 

Once these students got registered themselves and completed their training, the trainees used to write a test named AITT (All India Trade test) after the successful completion of which the candidates received a National Trade Certificate (NTC). The candidate’s career after this was obviously a promising one after 10th or 12 as they wanted to start their work.

ITI Courses Popularity 

Previously the courses offered by ITI was famous and people were aware of same but with time the same started deteriorating and now we find only the ones from rural area aware of it.  The candidates by means of them get skill development courses and once done every single student walkout from such ITI institutes as trained and skilled professionals. They were skilled, either in the Engineering or Non-Engineering trades. It was totally all dependent on the type of choice they made as regard to their study.

As we know the name of ITI is diminishing and so are the candidates more concerned to think about ITI before they get themselves enrolled here. The ITI has been seeing this concern trying to give the best possible efforts and students skills to get back to what it was before. They don’t want the candidates to worry of same.

Some of the courses offered to candidates out there after class 10th

Interior Decoration and Designing

Just after class 10th, an eligible candidate can enter the fashion world. This is obviously one of the best career options after 10th for anyone who is interested in such area to put their mind in it from an early start. The art of designing and enhancing the interiors of a building or any space to get the user the best environment is the best work of course. They work for what they have been asked for. They plan, research and manages all the projects given. This one year programme after class 10th is gaining so much popularity for sure, after completion of which you are definitely hired as an assistant to learn more by some big names out there in the world. In short, it is going to be the best experience for the students. 


Someone who turns into reality taking care of a dreamy eye is one of the great starts for a career out there. A person who is capable to turn the piece of wood on a simple lathe is really a great help for ones out there. The ITI as regard the same offers the students a course of 2 years duration just after you are done with your class 10th. Hiring after these courses can be done by companies like GAIL, SAIL, etc.

Computer Operator and Programming Assistant

In order to become what your eyes always wanted to see you as, the best professional on computer and its services. This course is offered to a person just after class 10th and covers in it a basic knowledge about computer architecture and its hardware. Coding basics are also taught here so that one can strengthen its lead in the world out there where everything is getting online and based on technology. The course if a one year programme and will provide the best.


Surveyor is a course for the professionals out there who determine the terrestrial or three-dimensional position of an area or point together with a better study of distance and angles as regarding the same.  these guys out there are hired to make a land map showing the ownership boundaries or showing objects location. Their services are required by government or civil law, for getting to know property and land sales. It is a one year course which can be started after 10th. 


A person who wishes themselves to be a part of electronic and electronic services provider community can make a career choice in this. They help out people with what is called electronic wiring of equipment or buildings or the big plants who might need some help. They are hired for getting the installation of new electronic cal appliances and sometimes for even the maintenance of same. The qualification needed to be a part f this course is class 10th passed from any recognised body out there.

Baker and Confectioner

All is what offered here is a course of what someone loves to eat and enjoy to gift. cookies and confectionaries. Making is what is taught herein. It is taught to make some delicious desserts like that of a pastry or a cake or even a cookie for sure. To be a part of this a candidate needs to have been qualified with good marks in class 10th. It’s a one year course after which a person can join the various recognised bakery out there or even start their own.

Some other courses like Architectural Draughtsmanship, Mechanic (Diesel), Mechanic (Motor Vehicle), Network Technician, Mechanic Computer Hardware, Mechanical Fitter, etc are all provided to candidates out there who just after class 10th want to enter some of the best leads out in the world.

Job Opportunities

There ITI students are being placed out there just as like any other recognised body or institute student. The ITI has a cell of professionals who have contacts in all the streams out there for such the classes are provided here in the Institute of ITI. They have many tie-ups out there with agencies of government or the private ones or even some foreign companies who provide the candidates with jobs. A particular trade choice is what is meant to see who is to be hired where.

  • Job in Public Sector Units

The biggest employer of such students taking ITI classes are the government agencies. They provide the candidate’s varied scopes and the candidates out there can take advantages of same by getting themselves directly entry into government jobs which is considered to be the most stables ones.

various PSUs like the Telecom (IOCL, ONCG and BSNL) or Railways, Telecom, or some State-wise PWDs, etc. hire these candidates. Indian army also got space for some students from ITI in the armed forces. All a student need is to explore out the world of opportunities by means of INDIAN Navy or INDIAN army or AIR force or even BSF or the CRPF, etc.

  • Jobs in Private Sector

Herein the main concern is given to ones associated with manufacturing and mechanics all trade-related courses. In order to have better in private sector Just like public sectors, there are various options available in agriculture, construction, energy, textiles, etc. 

when it comes to specific job profiles One Can get jobs on electronics, specific, air-conditioner mechanic and welding refrigeration. Even in private sectors of the country, the ITI students are given many privileges based on their trade course.

  • Jobs in Foreign Countries

Some better jobs are also provided herein by means of this course. The foreign companies have shown their interest in hiring the ones we make. The ITI skilled labours are being hired by places where there is a lack of same and hence providing them better opportunities to move ahead.

Fritters and other specific trades are especially the ones which have many job opportunities which are associated with international oil and shipyards and gas factories etc. These counties that hire are just like Developing ones like India or the ones who have already developed out there. A candidate can obviously take advantage of such great opportunities.

  • Self-Employment

There are people out there who can’t work for others due to either of their reasons. Well for them if they are ITI qualified, they can easily start their own business or a company. One can be self-employed. It is therefore required that a person should thank all white collar jobs who are out there doing blue collar services. Their preferences of trades make a shortage of better qualified and trained employees like carpenters, plumbers, agricultural workers, construction workers etc. 

hence it can be said that a candidate getting class after 10th in any of the ITI trade Have a great number of opportunities lying ahead then. All they need is to take advantage of the same.


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