Career as Air Hostess: Courses, Eligibility, Salary, Job Scope, Application Process

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Air hostess, it is one of the career options which is highly in demand by the students who complete their higher secondary or graduation. All those young girls wish for is a career wherein they can travel and have a good earning. Well, being the air hostess fulfils their dream job. So, considering the same, this article has been prepared for all those young ladies, to provide them information about the air hostess age limit, qualification, course duration, job requirements and much more. 

Note that the Male Air hostesses are known as the Stewards.

Air Hostess course/Fight Steward

There are many courses with different air hostess courses duration. Any candidate who wish to enrol for the degree, diploma or certificate course, can make an application. The courses for sure will help a lot to gain,

  • Soft skills
  • Dressing sense
  • Skills for mixing up within diverse background
  • After flight report preparation 
  • First aid skills required during emergency
  • Skills for handling emergencies.

Air Hostess- Courses

Degree courses

These courses are the longest as well as highly recommended for anyone who wishes to join the field after the 12th. The course will help in gaining deeper knowledge and also practical experience. There are some institutes that also offer some reputed airlines placement.

Tourism and Hospitality, BBA with transport management and cabin crew training & B.Sc. in Airlines, the air hostess course duration for it all is 3 years.

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Diploma Courses

If a candidate is not willing to give in their 3 years of time in the course, they can simply proceed with a 1-year diploma course. The courses covered herein are- Air-hostess hospitality training, Hospitality, travel and customer service, Aviation and hospitality management, Professional cabin crew services, Global aviation and hospitality management.

Certificate Courses

For anyone who is in urgent job need, this course is the best for you. Any candidate after graduation can enrol on any of the ones amidst the certificate courses. The courses covered herein are- Air-hostess training, International airlines and travel management, Aviation and hospitality management, Night rating, Personality development and Hospitality, travel and customer service. The air hostess course duration herein is either 3 or 6 months. 

Air Hostess Courses- Institutes

Some well-known institutes of India providing the courses for Air Hostess and other related courses are,

  • Air Hostess Academy, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune
  • Avalon Academy, Dehradun
  • Franfinn Institute of Air Hostess, Delhi, Mumbai
  • Jet Airways Airhostess Academy, Chennai
  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics, Ghaziabad, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and Jaipur, etc.

Air Hostess Requirements- Eligibility Criteria 2021

There are certain requirements which are to be fulfilled by the candidates in order to be the Air Hostess or the Flight Steward. Some of such criteria are,

  • Air Hostess Age Limit – 18-26 for Air Hostess & Flight Steward (varies in different institutes)
  • Flight Steward/Air Hostess qualifications– 10+2 standard in Science, Arts or Commerce
  • Marital Status- Unmarried (preferred mostly). Some institutes give admission to married too.
  • Languages- English, Hindi and others
  • Height- 5 feet 2 inches for Air Hostess and 5 feet 10 inches for the Flight Steward
  • Complexion- Clear complexion
  • Eye-sight- 6/6 in both eyes uncorrected

Air Hostess Career- Application Process

Not just the air hostess qualification, it is also the application process that varies from institute to institute. One can make an application to the courses using the institute’s official website, or one can even collect the form from the institute of choice offline. There are certain institutes which are known for making visits to schools to informing about the course to the students. One can easily connect with a representative for knowing more about the application process. 

Process of Selection

This process has the following stages. It includes,

Written examination

It comprises of the questions for testing the intelligence, general awareness, numerical ability and reasoning skills of the candidates. After qualifying, the candidates also get called for the GD round, wherein tested is the candidate’s teamwork qualities, communication skills and patience level.


This stage is conducted for the candidate’s final selection. It helps analyze the passion for working and also the personality of the candidate within the Aviation industry. It is also known as the general selection process. There are some institutes whose selection process vary. All of the recognized air hostess institutes for training, they operate according to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation guidelines. As per these guidelines, the candidate, they become eligible for admission after qualifying for written and interview sessions.

Any candidate who clears the selection process, they will be required for doing the air hostess training of 6 months training (duration can vary) before the candidate’s career begins.

Air Hostess Job+ Requirements/Responsibilities

These responsibilities vary according to flights requirement. Some of the basic ones are divided into 3 categories- On-ground (before flight), in-flight (during flight) and landing responsibilities (after flight). Air hostess age limit


It happens before boarding by passenger’s starts. Herein as per Air Hostess Age Limit , the following is to be ensured,

  • Toilets- Clean and Hygienic.
  • Emergency/Medical Kits- Available on the aircraft.
  • Meals and Beverages- Sufficient on the flight.
  • Passengers- Well-greeted, and their tickets are checked.
  • Take-off- Telling the pilot about when the plane is ready, etc.


  • Seatbelts fastening- Ensure the passengers have done it.
  • Meals and Beverages- They are served timely.
  • Goods- Sold duty-free.
  • Emergency- Assisting passengers.
  • Emergency- Helping passengers while vacating plane, etc.


  • Lost and found articles- Prepare a list of them.
  • Cash & Stock- Preparing a list of ones left behind by passengers after landing.

Top Recruiters

There are many Air Hostess/Flight Steward recruiters. Some of the well-known ones are,

  • Air India
  • Go Air
  • Sahara India
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Indigo
  • British Airways
  • Indian Airlines, etc.

Air Hostess Salary

It is dependent on the airlines, its reputation and air hostess experience, etc. There are some international airlines who pay better salaries in comparison to domestic ones.

  • In domestic airlines, the initial salary is INR 25,000- INR 40,000 per month, and it increases to INR 80,000- INR 125000 (based on experience and promotion).
  • Same salary is given to Flight Stewards.
  • In international airlines, the initial salary is INR 50,000 per month.


  • Medical Insurance
  • Additional Allowance
  • Retirement Plans
  • Discount on flights to the employees and their family members, etc.

Scope for Career

The job offers a lot of growth opportunities. After the air hostess course duration is completed, the candidates are provided with the opportunity for working with domestic airlines. When the experience is gained, the flight stewards or the air hostesses can easily get the work with the international airlines too. 

After retirement, the air-hostess can take the ground duties and work on the front desk, training air hostesses, customer care, etc.

Air Hostess Job – FAQs

What is the Air Hostess course eligibility?

One can pursue the course after the 12th standard. There are some institutions that also give admission just after the 10th. But it is recommended that candidates complete their +2 education.

For air hostess training, what courses categories are available?

One can apply for either certificate, diploma or degree courses for the air-hostess training after completing 12th.

Does the air hostess get a better salary in the domestic airlines or the international airlines?

The salary is higher in the international airlines in comparison to the domestic ones.

In a month, what is the standard flying hours?

According to the regulations, the air hostess/flight stewards fly for 125+ hours in 30 consecutive days.

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