Bihar Ration Card New List 2021: District Wise List and Other Information

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Ration Card Bihar- Ration Card in India is such a scheme that is made to directly benefit the weaker section of the society. There are huge no. of people in India who face various issues to even manage their food for the day. Therefore the governments in India run schemes to provide this basic thing to people. Ration Card is a scheme under which government provides various food items to the financially weaker population at a very nominal price. This scheme is run in different states of India and Bihar is also of those states.

In Bihar, there are over 15 Lakh ration cardholders. Any common person in the state who is eligible for a ration card can apply for it. And after verification by the government, the applicant’s name is added to the ration card list. Therefore many people keep searching the new Bihar Ration Card List online to check whether their names are added to it or not.

Therefore in this article, we are going to give you information regarding the Bihar ration card like how people can apply for a ration card in Bihar, how you can check the Bihar ration card list, and many other things.

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Bihar Ration Card New List 2021

Scheme Bihar Ration Card
Launched By Government Of Bihar
Department Food and Consumer Protection Department
Beneficiaries People of State
Scheme Objective To Provide Food Items to Financially Weaker People
Important Official Websites

Steps to Check New Ration Card Bihar List

The following are the steps that you can follow to check the new ration card list. Make sure to follow all the steps and try to avoid any mistakes.

Step 1: First of all you have to visit the official website of the sfc Bihar i.e.

Step 2: As you visit the website first you will see the homepage of the website. Now on the homepage search for the “Ration Card Details” option and click on it.

Ration Card Bihar List
Ration Card Bihar List

Step 3: After this, a district-wise list will appear on the screen. Out of this list, you have to select your district.

Bihar ration card list check
Bihar ration card list check

Step 4: Then a list of tehsil will appear on the screen. Search for your tehsil and click on it.

Step 5: Now a list of all the appropriate rate shopkeepers will appear on your screen. Choose your nearest shopkeeper out it.

Step 6: Now a list of all the ration card beneficiaries will appear on your screen. Search the name of the head of your family and click on it.

bihar ration card list check online
Bihar ration card list check online

Step 7: In this way, you can check your name on the ration card list and check your ration card as well.

Benefits of Bihar Ration Card

There are a lot of benefits of this ration card in Bihar and other states. We are mentioning some of those benefits below:-

  1. The first and the most prominent benefit of the ration is that people can get various food items such as wheat, rice, etc at subsidiary rates.
  2. Ration card is also valid as ID proof.
  3. A ration card is also needed to get your voter ID card.
  4. This card can be used as an ID proof to apply for various official documents.

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Types of Ration Card in Bihar

There are several types of ration cards in Bihar. These ration cards are issued to the people on the basis of their income and financial condition. Every ration card has its own benefits. We are listing some of the ration cards below with their description.

BPL Ration Card- BPL ration card is a red-colored ration card. The full form of BPL is Below Poverty Line. This type of ration card is issued to those families whose income is less than Rs. 24000 per annum. These types of families live below the poverty line.

APL Ration Card- This ration card is a blue colored ration card. The full form of APL here is the Above Poverty Line. This means this card issued to families who live above the poverty line. The government has not declared any income limit for this ration card it means any resident of Bihar can apply for this ration.

AAY Ration Card- AAY ration cards are given to some of the poorest families in the state. The families which don’t have any source of income are most likely to get this ration card. The AAY ration cardholders get the most facilities out of all other ration cardholders.

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Steps to apply for Bihar Ration Card

There are many articles online that tell you that you can apply for a ration card online. But it is absolutely wrong you have to do this process offline only. There is no such option to do this process online

Step 1: First of all you need an application form that you can obtain from any circle office/S.D.O.

Step 2: After getting the form fill all the required details in it without making any mistakes. Because if the authorities find any mistake in your application form then they might reject it.

Step 3: You will have to enter information like your name, names of your family members, bank details, mobile no. etc.

Step 4: Then you will have to attach your photographs and required documents (if any).

Step 5: In last check all your details and submit the form to the concerned authority.

This way you can apply for the ration card. Generally, it takes 15 days to prepare a ration card.

1. Documents Required

When a candidate applies for the ration card then there are certain documents required. So the following is the list of documents that are generally needed but for the most up to date information, you should confirm the required documents from the concerned authority.

  • Application Form
  • Photocopy of the first page of your bank account passbook.
  • Photocopy of aadhar cards of all the family members.
  • All the family members’ photographs.
  • Self-declaration form

Steps to Download Bihar Ration Card

If you are already a ration card holder in Bihar then you can download your ration card online. This whole process can be done on the official website of epds Bihar. Following are some steps that you can follow to download your ration card:-

Step 1: First of all visit the official website of epds Bihar i.e.

Step 2: After that go to the “RCMS” section and click it.

download bihar ration card
download bihar ration card

Step 3: Now a new page will open on your screen. On this page, you have select your district from the drop-down section.

download ration card bihar
download ration card bihar

Step 4: After selecting your district a new category wise list will open. Here you will have to select your category urban or rural.

urban and rural list
urban and rural list

Step 5: Now select your block and click on it.

ration card download
ration card download

Step 6: Then a list of panchayat will appear on your screen.

Step 7: After selecting your panchayat a new list of villages will appear on the screen. Select your village out of it.

Step 8: Then select your “Fair Price Shopkeeper”.

Step 9: Now a list of all the ration cards under that fair price shop will appear on the screen. Select your ration card no. out of it.

Step 10: In the end, all details of the ration card will appear on your screen. Now you can download the ration card from here.

Steps To Register Bihar Ration Card Complaint

Step 1: First of all visit the official website of SFC Bihar.

Step 2: Now on the homepage search for an option named “Submit Grievance” and click on it.

bihar ration card grievance
bihar ration card grievance

Step 3: A new page of grievance registration will appear on your screen. On this page, you have to fill various details and register your grievance.

Step 4: You have to fill various details like Name, Type, Address, Grievance details, and many other things.

Step 5: After you have entered all the details just upload all the required documents.

ration card online grievance
ration card online grievance

Step 6: In click on the “Register” button to complete your registration.

Latest Update on Bihar Ration Card

Recently the government of the state of Bihar has announced that they will give Rs. 1000 to the families holding a ration card. After sometime when they made this announcement the government also said that they will provide Rs. 1000 to those families who don’t even have a ration card. Such families are identified under a survey in urban areas.

Final Words

So this was everything about the Bihar Ration Card new list 2021. We have tried to cover everything in our article related to these ration cards. But if we have missed out on anything then you can share your thoughts in the comment section. Apart from this, we have also written an article on UP Ration Card so if you want then you can also visit and read it. If you find this article informative then you can also share this article with your friends.

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