What is CSIR? Details and Important Facts

what is csir

There are many important organizations in India but common people know very little about them. Such organizations contribute a lot to the country and always keep up the pride of India. In this article, we are going to discuss one such organization the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research popularly known as CSIR. This council … Read more

Steps to Become a Food Inspector, Salary and Eligibilty Criteria

how to become food inspector

There are many government jobs that have a direct impact on the lives of common people. Such government officials do their duties to keep society healthy and fit. They keep a check on the vendors and food sellers to ensure the quality of food. If you still can’t guess the profession then one of such … Read more

A Definitive Guide on How to Become an Actuary in India

how to become an actuary in india

There are some students who like to do the work that others find boring. Many students like to solve problems with their excellent knowledge and analyzing capabilities. Such type of activities is considered boring among the common people. But today in this article we are going to talk about a profession which is kind of … Read more

How to Get into IIT?- Process and Mindset

how to get into iit

In recent years IITs have become a symbol of success and achievement in Indian society. Not only in Indian society but these technical nurseries of India are getting recognized at the international level as well. People from all around the world in the field of technology knows the potential of IITs and their students. I … Read more

6 Simple Tips to Face Interview for Freshers

Tips to face interview for freshers

If you are about to appear for the first interview in your life then we know your situation. Everybody who is about to start his/her career goes through this phase in life at least once. When you are about to appear in the interview then most of the time you are totally blank, your heartbeats … Read more

Everything Need to Know About Becoming an IAS Officer

IAS Officer

Getting a good government job is a dream of many students in the country. Many students are attracted to government services because it is a safe career option whereas many students are fascinated by its Karizma. When you look at high-rank government officers then they generally carry a different type of personal aura around themselves. … Read more