Police Officer in India- How to Become One?

police courses after 12th

Indian police service, there are many ways in which one can join the same. Either an eligible candidate can make an application for police courses after 12th or, based upon entries, can even make an application after the 10th. There are some courses that require only class 10th education for being eligible. Furthermore, every single state of … Read more

Nursing Course After 10th – Eligibility | Admission

Nursing Course After 10th

There are a lot of courses available out there for one to pursue, irrespective of the field chosen. Even the medical field have started to pay better and provide a growth perspective for all. So, if you plan to go ahead in the field, do consider the nursing course after 10th. These courses, they are much … Read more

How to Become District Magistrate in India?

How To Become District Magistrate

How to become District Magistrate? It is a question of many, especially for the ones who are passionate and have made the decision for their life. However, one should not forget that in order to get the position, one also needs many things apart from passion and willingness. Well, this position is one which is … Read more

14 Top Basic Computer Courses List for the Beginners

Basic COmputer Courses List

In the world of technology, human beings have been replaced by machines. It is one of the reasons why computers use and importance, both of them are increasing on a daily basis and so is the importance of computer courses. The best part is that the career scope, as well as the package, is high … Read more

How To Become A CID Officer (Complete Guide)

how to become a cid officer

CID is the abbreviation of Crime Investigation Department. This post is one of the most privileged ones in the police organization. When a candidate starts working within this department, they are called the CID officers or the detectives. So, if anyone is interested in the question of how to become a CID officer, keep reading further … Read more

Career In Animation: How to Apply, Important Dates, Application Form, Eligibility, Career Advice & Salary

career in animation

Animation in recent years, it has become one popular career option for students. The field is exciting, and it requires a lot of visualization, creativity, storytelling ability, and excellent technical knowledge for making an unrealistic imaginative world to be the realistic one. The experts who have completed their animation and multimedia courses, it is all because … Read more

Career in Physical Education: Best Courses, Job Opportunities and Salaries, Top-Ranked institutions

career in physical education

The Psychomotor skills which get deployed during sports are studied under the physical education courses. It can therefore be called the science studying psychological skills types which are required for making the physical movements. Of course, different sports need a different psychomotor skill set that can be studied for sharpening the sports skills. Physical education also … Read more

Top 10 Professional Courses for PCM Students after Class 12th

In one’s academic life, class 12th is considered as crucial. The foray in any of the field, taken in 12th brings lifelong effect on career. This is why one needs to venture cautiously. Apart from this, it will be wise to consider all the options before exercising will in favor of any career options that … Read more

Career as Air Hostess: Courses, Eligibility, Salary, Job Scope, Application Process

Air hostess, it is one of the career options which is highly in demand by the students who complete their higher secondary or graduation. All those young girls wish for is a career wherein they can travel and have a good earning. Well, being the air hostess fulfils their dream job. So, considering the same, … Read more

Air Hostess Job after 12th: Benefits, Eligibility Criteria, How to Prepare & Apply

Attractive and lucrative career opportunity, to be the Air Hostess or Flight Steward is as such as per the Indian society. One doesn’t need to spend many years in training or be that highly qualified for being the air hostess or the flight steward. All you will need is a diploma from the reputed institute … Read more