14 Top Basic Computer Courses List for the Beginners

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In the world of technology, human beings have been replaced by machines. It is one of the reasons why computers use and importance, both of them are increasing on a daily basis and so is the importance of computer courses. The best part is that the career scope, as well as the package, is high considering the current scenario. So, if you wish to know about the computer courses list, and it seems fit for you, give it a read ahead. This article has been prepared to provide complete details about the computer courses, the course duration, salary packages offered to the professionals, the skills required and much more about the same. 

You can easily continue your career in this field by choosing one of the courses that have been provided below. Look at the list, choose the course, link your interest, and that’s it. Go ahead now. 

Computer Courses List – Top 14 for the Beginners

Some of the courses which are well-known and are highly in demand as of now are mentioned below,

  • Animation & VNX
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Certification Course & Computer
  • Courses related to Cyber Security
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Hacking Course
  • Hardware Course
  • IT Diploma
  • Microsoft Office
  • Software Related Courses
  • Tally
  • Typing Courses
  • Web Designing

Courses in Detail

1. Microsoft office

It is one of the first in the computer basic course list and if you are looking forward to such a course, start without delay. The course also includes MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and much more. No matter it is a presentation at the office or at the seminar, or even in the class, the use of PowerPoint can be found everywhere; after all, it does make a presentation much more worthwhile and attractive. Even if one wants to store the accounts and the information about their finance in one single place, MS Excel comes at use in the right manner. Talking about MS Word, it is the best place to write an article or document anything including, the making of a resume through which one can easily apply for the various job in different companies.

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One can use the MS office on a laptop, Android phone and even a PC. In case if one has a laptop or a personal computer, in their the MS office is pre-installed. However, If you are using it through the Android phone, you can simply download the same through the Play Store and start having access to it. Make sure you do not panic; after all, you are not the expert in this field, and you can even follow some of the available online courses for getting the expertise within it and for making your work very easy. 

The given course is of around 150 hours duration, and the fees for it is charged @ INR 10,000. The best part is that everything seems worth it when you start to get a salary of INR 1.2 to 2 lakhs per annum.

2. Tally

Tally, it is basically being used for the purpose of accounting. The usage is done both from the end of the government as well as the private companies and individuals so as to ensure that they can keep all of the records of the financial transactions for reference in the future and also for the purpose of cross-checking if the same is required.

However, before you begin, it is required that you update yourself with Tally’s latest version by getting a bit of learning as this will be making your task much easier and also, the new version always comes with an easy process. So, it not just makes it useful for usage but also provides a lot of benefits. As of now, the latest version is Tally Prime which you can cost a candidate around INR 19000 for getting the key in order to get access over the use. It will be really helpful for making a good career. The duration of the course is 3 months, and the fees charged for it is around INR 3000 to 6000, and the salary after the course, one can easily get around INR 1.5 to 2 lakhs p.a.

3. Cybersecurity related courses

Banks, as well as other financial sector organizations who have a lot of personal data in regards to their customers and they, are always looking forward to keeping the same secure and safe. In such cases, they always look forward to safe cybersecurity usage. So, in case if you are planning to take this course, know that there is a very high chance that you will be getting the role of security specialist, and after you have completed the course, you can even work independently without having any kind of restriction.

The duration of this course is in between 3 months to 2 years, and one can easily get the salary in between INR 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs per annum.

4. Typing course

A few years back, there were typewriters who used to type content for the businesses and also for the requirement of the newspapers. However, with the advent of technology, it has become much easy for typing in notepad or even MS word, and even there are many other platforms available on which one can type easily. All these do not consume much time, but one needs to ensure that they do type faster, and in order to do the same, there is a requirement for regular practice. One can simply follow the free websites available for practicing typing the content, or you even have the choice of enrolling yourself in typing courses for getting expertise within the same, gradually.

Note that, to have patience while one continues to learn typing is very necessary, and you will only be able to do the right hit over the key only after a lot of practice, and with it, there will definitely be an improvement within the typing speed. 

The duration of this course is generally 6 months, and the fees charged in India for this course is INR 3000 – 10000. After you complete the course, you can easily get a salary of INR 1.7 to 2 lakhs per annum.

5. IT Diploma

One can easily get enrolled within this course in two ways. The first one is after completing class 10th, and the second is after completing class 12th, where one has chosen the science stream and had maths as their main paper. It is also an essential requirement that you have a very good command of mathematics for problem-solving as well as solving the queries of the people who are looking forward to your help.

Anyone who takes a diploma in IT, you can easily pursue a bachelor’s degree in the given field through the well authorized University. You will be getting the title of a software engineer. At first, the initial payment might seem a little less, but the scope is amazing, and with experience, you will be easily able to earn a six-digit income per annum. 

The duration of this course is in between 6 months to 12 months, and the fees for it is INR 1.5 to 2 lakhs. After completing the course, your initial salary will be INR 1.7 to 3 lakhs per annum.

6. Certification course & computer 

There are many courses in the computer courses name list which can be considered as best courses for starting the career at an initial stage. All of the courses which one gets to learn herein are,

  • Desktop publishing
  • MS programming, etc., and it helps in keeping oneself updated with the essential skills.

Computer technology, it includes both software as well as hardware learning related to the computer. On the one hand, where hardware learning includes knowing about the computer controlling processes; on the other hand, software learning provides learning about the expert system, the OS and much more.

There are many institutions as well as organizations that have been using such technology for designing the software and the hardware as per their requirement and desire so as to ensure that the job can become easy for them. Computer technology is very helpful in keeping one in contact with family, relatives and friends by the use of Facebook, WhatsApp and different other platforms. Even the Google maps provide a lot of help to the people, for easily reaching from one place to another without having any kind of delay or getting stuck within the crowd after all the Google map provides a complete detail about the line which is crowded and the ones which are completely traffic-free for you to take the ride.

The duration of these courses is six months, and the fee charged for that is INR 10000. After the course is completed, one can easily get a salary of around INR 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs per annum.

7. Digital Marketing

As of now, online marketing seems to be in higher demand for business marketing purposes. Be it promotion or increase of customer leads, digital marketing always comes within the play. It is one of the best ways for increasing production efficiency and also rating. So, if you are interested in this course, know that the scope is high, and all you need to do is give your 3 to 6 months for the purpose of learning digital marketing, and with the gradual increase in the experience, you will be easily able to earn around INR 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs per annum at an initial level and with practice and understanding of the path and why you continue to discover the new areas and explore more, you will be able to demand much higher income. 

Some of the common roles that come with digital marketing are,

  • SEO manager
  • Email marketer
  • Content marketer, etc.

The demand for this expertise has been increasing because businesses today understand that they require much more than the internet for selling their products.

After completing your class 12th, you can easily get enrolled within this course and make a career out of the same. The digital marketing course, it will be of great help for targeting the audience using the search engine, social media and much more. It will also help with the ads, campaigns, etc., for the companies so as to raise their value as well as the value for their product; after all, digital marketing is much better than the traditional marketing means, which included going door to door for the purpose of advertisement as well as the product promotion. As of now, all of the marketing strategies is getting online for the market growth and if you want to lay your hand within the same, go for it. 

The duration of this course is in between 3 months to 12 months, and the fees charged for it are between INR 10000 to 50000. After completing the course, one can easily get a salary in between OK NR 3 to 30 lakhs per annum.

8. Web Designing

Following the computer courses list, know that the web designing courses are highly in the craze as well as demand. For making a website, a professional is required to learn a different kind of programming language, including HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS and many others, so as to ensure that the given website, it remains eye-catching and attractive.

Using the HTML, one can make the webpage in a very easy manner by learning some of the commands as well as the instructions. CSS, it is used much more commonly for the purpose of styling HTML documents as well as the HTML elements for better presentation.

One can either learn the languages online or get offline classes for upgradation of scale in order to get a good job. However, note that the fees of the course defer based upon the number of months for which the candidate gets enrolled for. After completing the course, one gets a salary of INR 2 to 5 lakhs.

9. Data Analytics

In the computer courses basic list, Data analytics also comes in the line. Herein, one is required for analyzing the data and ensuring to compare the same with the available one so as to make sure that the same remains helpful for the users to have access over the same and also for using it. However, for doing so, when will be required for mastering the skills, which include learning about computer courses basic topics including predictive analytics, statistics, big data analytics, etc. It further includes data visualization for exploring and learning much more about Data analytics.

The course is for around 12 months, and it will also be helpful if one is interested in data mining. Fees charged for the course is between INR 20000 to 1.5 lakhs, and the salary after completing the course, one can easily get INR 2 to 3.5 lakhs per annum. The salary can even go till 20 lacs per annum as one starts to get proper practice and experience.

10. Animation & VNX

If one is crazy about watching animated or 3D movies, no that this course is for you if you are interested in making one too. Of course, it might have come to your head how the same is made. Well, it is simple. In order to make the animated movies, you need to have a degree and for the same unit and enrollment within this course which is of 1+ year. The course provides basic learning as well as teachers to use a different kinds of tools and the VNX software, which are helpful in designing serials and movies. 

One can easily learn graphic designing, visual effects being added to the content, 3D subjects and much more after completing this course. The course also has a wide scope within the film-making industry. So, if you get enrolled within this 8 to 12 months course for which the fees is around INR 30000 to 50000, you can easily get a salary of INR 1.5 to 2 lakhs per annum.

11. Artificial Intelligence

With every passing day, the artificial intelligence need is increasing, and so is the craze for this course among the students. Artificial intelligence, it is the human version of intelligence that allows us to think as well as work within the machines just like humans. 

Here in the basic skills for continuing a career within the same will include,

  • Deep learning
  • Statistics NLP
  • Graphical models and much more.

One will be required to learn about these topics and ensure to explore the given course by getting self-experience. After you have attained the idea as well as the logic that exists behind the same, everything becomes much easier and more productive. The salary which one will be able to gain after completing the course in artificial intelligence is around INR 2 to 3.5 lakhs, at a very initial level of the given practice. After a while, you will be easily able to earn much better for the fulfillment of the comfort level.

There exist a lot of data that have been provided by the customer on social media, online platforms and institutions as well as banks, and these data require proper security from cyber theft and hacking.  Now have been hundreds of cases being filed for cyber theft, and in order to prevent the same, the network security in regards to this theft is essential. There is always a certain kind of cyber negligence that comes in regards to the handling of the data, and this is what results in the misuse of it. Well, after completing the network security course, you will be easily able to learn about how to manage the data in the right manner and to keep the same secure and safe from hacking and making sure that any kind of loopholes can be easily avoided.

The course in artificial intelligence will provide learning over the use of the instruments including,

  • Malware
  • Wireshark, etc.

All these tools are helpful in keeping the data protected from any kind of misuse and mismanagement. The techniques also help in protecting the password and do not allow it to get duplicated. Well, a lot of benefits come in with this course completion, and one of them is the amount of salary which comes in as a part of it from the primary days of your learning and being involved within the job of your interest in the given field.

The course is of around two years duration, and for it, one will be charged fees of INR 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs. The salary after completing this course will be between INR 2 to 3.5 lakhs per annum, and gradually it can increase to INR 20 to 25 lakhs per annum.

12. Software Courses

Computer courses name list also has some courses where one can easily learn programming languages. Well, this course is for you if you want to be a software developer and want to learn much more about the programming languages, including Oracle, Python, MySql, Java and much more within the list. If you have an idea of either of the same, and you continue to learn more about it, definitely at a gradual level you will become a master of it, and it will provide a good earning also.

There are many companies, including TCS, MindTree, Wipro and others, who are hiring students having the knowledge of certain languages that have been mentioned above. If you have advanced learning as well as experience, you will also get an increase in the salary, gradually, while you continue to work as an employee. You can even find some abroad opportunities through your company for the purpose of working in a diverse culture. 

The duration of the scores is around 12 months, and the fees for it is INR 5000 to 10000. With this simple investment of time and money, you can easily secure your future with a salary range of INR 2 to 3.5 lakhs per annum.

13. Hardware Courses

One can even choose hardware courses learning, which will prepare the candidate to become the expert for repairing the component, including the hardware of the computer. The course provides a brief detail about the hardware product, how the same can be repaired, what is the utilization for the same, management of the component and also different kind of processes for the recovering of the damaged computer part. 

If your question is whether or not It will be able to provide proper money, well, this course is very helpful, and it will provide much more money with learning. Just for example, if the computer and laptop component gets damaged just after a few years and sometimes even the motherboard short circuits or even the keyboard might not function properly, and you might have to face much more issues after the same. For sure, this course will be helpful for you because it will provide complete learning of how to use your proper knowledge for hardware repairing and make a living out of the same. After you have reached the level of expert, you will also get promoted to a higher position.

The duration of this course is 6 months, and the fees charged for it is between INR 10000 to 20000. After completing the course, one can easily get a salary in between INR 2.5 to 3 lakhs per annum.

14. Hacking Courses

In the computer courses name list, the hacking courses have also made their way. The hacking course, if you are taking it, note that it is not at all illegal. You can easily trust the content which has been provided within this article and know that you can be an expert in the field of hacking after all the government has been using such skills for solving different kinds of issues in relation to data theft. The government, from time to time, hires the hackers and provides a better pay scale for getting the data from the transnational countries or even the terrorist group and the data is then used for saving the nation from being abused by such hands. Once you get hired, sometimes even the payment isn’t fixed, and one can even get much more than a few lakhs. Ethical hacking, it is completely legal as it is used for the enhancement of the security within the system and the computer networks which are connected to the same.

The course provides the learning of how to corrupt or damage others’ PC, tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. Sometimes the skills are also used on social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, etc., which can be easily hacked in order to find the culprit or anyone who is annoying or even disturbing any person you know for a very long time. 

The duration of this course is in between 3 months to 12 months, and the candidates get charged fees between INR 50000 to 60000. The salary one will get after the completion of this course is between INR 3 to 4.5 lakhs per annum.

Computer Basic Course List- Top Institutes

There are some reputed institutions from which one can perceive any of the courses mentioned above in the computer courses list. Some of the well-known names are,

  • HCL
  • NIIT
  • IIJT
  • IIJT
  • Jetking
  • Aptech Computer Education
  • Apollo
  • N Power, etc.

Final Words

All of the courses mentioned above in the computer courses names list, hope it was able to provide a kick start for you to make a choice in what you wish to pursue and what will suit best based upon your interest. In case if you still have any doubt about the course which has been chosen by you, you can visit the institution’s website and get further detail about the same. In case if you want to share your experience after completing the course or before doing so, use the comment box and interact.

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