EWS Certificate Form | How to Apply for EWS Certificate

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EWS Certificate- In India the Central and the state governments give reservations to various sections of the society. This reservation is given on the basis of categories decided by the government. The reservations are given in education and various government job opportunities. This system helps the needy people to come forward in society and make their life better.

There are many factors upon which the government decides whether a person is eligible for reservation or not. And many times the financial or economic status of the candidate also plays a very important role in his/her eligibility.

In the year 2019, the central government of India made an amendment in the constitution and made a new section for reservation. This section was named as Economically Weaker Section (EWS). This section was for the people who are economically weak and belong to the general category. As we all know that the government has made some categories to give reservations namely OBC, SC/ST, and General.

So before this amendment general category was not able to take much benefit from this reservation system but now they can. If anybody fits in the eligibility criteria for the EWS then he/she can apply for the EWS certificate. After that, they can also start getting the benefits under the EWS certificate.

Therefore in this article, we are going to talk about this EWS certificate. We are going to give you the information like how you can apply for the EWS certificate, what is the eligibility criteria for it, and much more. So read the article till the end or you can also skip to section according to your preference.

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What is EWS Certificate?

Many people on the internet ask this question and many अरे still confused about it. But under this heading, we are going to clear all your doubts. So in the year 2019, the Central government of India made an amendment in the constitution and this amendment made the way clear for the government to give 10% reservation to general category people. But the government also set criteria for the people who want to take benefits from this amendment. And the people who fit in that eligibility criteria will be called EWS (Economically Weaker Section) in the official documents. Such people are given an EWS certificate which they can use to prove their eligibility and take benefits.

The EWS category is also known as a subcategory under the General category. After the amendment, Gujrat became the first state to enforce the law and impart the EWS certificates to the eligible people. This EWS certificate can be considered as an income and assets certificate for the General Category people. Many people also confuse this certificate as a caste certificate but no, it is different from it. As we told you that it is more like an income and asset certificate.

The people who have this certificate are eligible for the 10% reservation of direct recruitment in the civil services. So to take all the benefits of this 10% reservation to the EWS category in higher education and government jobs, it is a must to have an EWS certificate. This certificate is issued by some government authorities responsible for this duty.

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How to Apply For EWS Certificate?

There are different processes of application for different states. In some like Andhra Pradesh, people can submit their forms online as well. But in most of the states in India, you have to apply for the certificate offline only. You have to visit the local government authority of your area and get your EWS certificate from them after all the procedures are completed.

To get the EWS reservation benefits you will require an “Income and Asset Certificate”. Like in most of the cases you will have to collect the application form from your local government body. But in many cases, the application format form is also available on many government websites and people can also download the form from there. After downloading the form the candidate has to fill in all the required details without any error. Because if the authorities will find any mistake in your form then they can also cancel your application.

After the candidate successfully fills the form, they just have to go to the local authority office and submit it. So we are mentioning some of the government authorities that can issue an EWS certificate and the government will acknowledge that certificate.

  • District Magistrate/Collector/Additional District Magistrate/Deputy Commissioner/Additional Deputy Commissioner/1st Class Stipendary Magistrate/ Taluka Magistrate/Executive Magistrate/Extra Assistant Commissioner/Sub-Divisional Magistrate.
  • Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tehsildar.
  • Chief Presidency Magistrate/Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate/ Presidency Magistrate.
  • Where the candidate and his family live, the sub-divisional officer of that area.
ews certificate form
ews certificate form

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Eligibility Criteria For EWS Certificate

The government has set some eligibility criteria for the EWS certificate. The person who meets all the requirements under these criteria becomes eligible to get the EWS certificate. So let’s have a quick glance at what the government wants to give the candidate this certificate.

  1. As we know that this EWS sub-category is made in a general category. So the candidate should belong to the general category which is not covered under the OBC, SC, and ST categories.
  2. The candidate’s gross family income should not be more than Rs. 8 lakhs/annum. This income includes income from all the possible sources like a business, agriculture, salary, etc. for the financial year before you apply for the certificate.
  3. The candidate’s family should not have a residential flat of 1000 square feet in area or more.
  4. If anyone applying for this certificate then his family should not own a residential plot (in notified municipalities) of 100 square yards or more.
  5. The person’s family who is applying for the EWS certificate should not own an agricultural land of area 5 acres or more.
  6. The candidate’s family should not own a residential plot (other than in notified municipalities) of area 200 square yards or more.

1. The Definition of “Family” According to EWS Reservation Rules

For taking the reservation the definition of “family” has also made clear. According to the rules, the “family” includes the person applying for the certificate, the parents of that person, siblings of the person below the age of 18 years. The “Family” also includes children and spouses of the person below the age of 18 years.

Documents Required For the EWS Certificate

There are different documents needed at the time of application. The candidate applying for the EWS certificate has to attach many documents with the application form. We are listing some of those documents below. But always remember that the documents might differ from state to state. Therefore it will be better for the person to visit the concerned authority to get all the exact information from there. However, the following are some documents that are needed.

  1. ID Proof
  2. Adhaar Card
  3. Domicile Certificate
  4. Passport Size Photograph
  5. Property Documents

Remember one thing that as I told you that documents might differ from state to state. So for the best information, you should only visit the authority office of your area.

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The validity of the EWS Certificate

The validity period of the EWS certificate also differed from state to state. Like there is some difference in that validity period. Some states validate that certificate for a longer period of time whereas some validate it for a shorter period. But mostly the minimum time for the validity of the certificate is at least one year from the date of issuing the certificate. But for the best and the most reliable information you should visit the concerned authorities of your region. They can provide you the best information on it.

Final Words

So these were all the important information related to the EWS certificate. This is a really great step by the government to identify needy people and encourage them to come forward and perform better. If you find this article informative then feel free to share it with your friends.

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