Top High Paying Courses After Class 12th – Science, Commerce, and Arts

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Passing 12th for the students is like completing 1 single phase of learning. It is after this that comes in the advanced learning period wherein the students must enter carefully. It will be a great help if one can receive career counselling from the end of parents, friends or the teachers. However, they always suggest about opting for traditional careers. But it is important that the students make a career choice based on interest and ability. The student today looks forward to and evaluate the job from the financial angle. They wish to have high salary courses after 12th science or arts or commerce. This for sure is fine; after all, money is one important factor when choosing a career. So, the students, they should always opt-in for careers wherein they are paid well.

Considering all of the above, the below-mentioned will discuss the high salary courses after 12th for the students from arts, science and commerce stream. Give a read further to know more.

High Salary Courses After 12h Science PCB

Any student choosing PCB after they have completed their class 10th, and though about pursuing medical, herein provided is the list of the high salary courses after 12th science PCB. Hopefully, these medical field related courses will help.

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1. Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

Dentistry, it is one important branch of medicine that specializes in the oral cavity. The candidates who are interested in pursuing this course are required to qualify for NEET exams in order to get a seat in the medical college. The duration of this course is 5 years. The candidates can also opt for the MDS or postgraduate courses for the specialization. The initial salary which the candidates can get here is between 4-6 lakhs p.a.

2. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

This is the most sought course, making it to get at the list top. For many biology students, it is the dream course that leads to them becoming doctors. In the MBBS, the first step is the NEET examination. It is through it that the candidates can take admission in the MBBS course, which is offered by both private and government colleges. 

AIIMS MBBS exam is another way for pursuing higher education, i.e., MD courses for the specialization and also for better prospects towards a better career. This course offers an initial salary of between 8-10 lakhs.

3. B.Sc. Nursing

Nursing within the health sector is a profession of high regard. The nurses, they take care of all patients. Any candidates interested in taking this course, they will be required to take admission in B.Sc. This 4-year course is offered by both private and government colleges. Any candidate who studied PCB, they are eligible for taking this course. The M.Sc. nursing, it is a higher-level course that can be pursued by the candidates after they have completed their undergraduate course.

Some of the other courses available for the students are Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, etc. The initial salary offered to the students pursuing B.Sc. Nursing is between 3-4 lakhs p.a.

High Salary Courses after 12th- Science PCMB

1. Engineering Course

It is the 1st option in the PCM group for the students. Apart from it all, there are some other popular branches including Computer Science, Electronics and Tele-communication, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Information technology, etc., which are emerging. One can even opt for Biotechnology, Aerospace, Marine, Automobile, Petroleum, Nano-technology, Food technology, etc. The candidates, they need to appear for the JEE Main and the JEE advanced exam for the purpose of admission to the engineering courses. The state-level examinations also get conducted for getting the admissions to engineering-

  • The initial salary offered is between 2.5-6 lakhs according to different disciplines.
  • The initial salary for Architecture is between 2.5-3 lakhs.
  • Initial salary for the Navy is based on the rank as well as the current pay commission.
  • The initial salary for a Commercial pilot is between 1-1.5 lakhs per month

The candidates can also take high salary courses after 12th computer science, i.e., B.Sc. in Computer Science wherein their initial salary is between 3-3.5 lakhs p.a.

2. Commercial Pilot

It is one of childhood’s common dreams to fly high, which can definitely be converted to reality after becoming a commercial pilot. 

The commercial pilot is one of the high salary courses after 12th science PCM, which is quite popular among youngsters. It gives not just a high salary but also the opportunity for flying across the world and receiving unlimited adventures, which are all a part of the pull factors that are associated with this career. In recent years, there have been many private institutions that are helping to prepare these commercial pilots by offering high salary courses after 12th. However, one must remain completely careful when selecting an institution or college from where they wish to receive the training. 

The course is quite expensive, especially during the training process. The students are charged at least 10 to 20 lakhs for their training as a pilot. Best is that there are many banks who have come forward to provide financial assistance to anyone willing to take a step forward and fulfil their dream.

3. Architecture Course

For any government, urbanization is considered to be the most cherished goal. This is specifically in developing countries. The term urbanization, it can be translated to the town planning, building of civic amenities, hotels, hospitals, malls, construction, etc. It is like a central theme of the developments. This is why architecture is considered as the evergreen field and the architecture, they do not just get a high salary, but they also have the option for starting their consultancy or the business firm. 

  1. Arch, it is a 5-year course wherein to get the admissions, the students will be required for appearing to the National Aptitude Test in Architecture or NATA. Any student who has completed their class 12th with PCM will be eligible for appearing to NATA.

4. Navy Courses

Herein the candidates receive high pay, great life and better perks. All these terms are associated with the merchant navy. The field is a huge attraction for young women and men as its their dream for living high sea life while they drive big vessels. The candidates taking this course can become, 

  • Navigation-in-charge
  • Captain
  • Marine Engineers
  • Electro-Technical Officer, etc.

The interested candidates must complete their B.E/B. Tech in marine engineering from any of the recognized universities. Further, they should also be physically fit.

5. B.Sc. in Computer Science

It is one of the high salary courses after 12th computer science, which is a great career option for the students from the science stream. The students will have the chance for becoming software engineers and get their jobs in the MNCs at some amazing salary packages. Further, they also receive an excellent work culture for the purpose of growth and work. Even the HR policies are great in these MNCs, and it ensures the employees have a comfortable and relaxed life. The employees also get the opportunity for visiting abroad.

High Salary Courses after 12th- Commerce

1. Chartered Accountancy

It is one of the popular courses among the students of commerce. This career option is chosen by many commerce students after they complete their class 12th. The chartered accountants, they have the responsibility for keeping in check the financial activities of the corporate houses and companies. They are the financial and legal experts helping the company to work within the legal sphere. Almost every corporate house employs chartered accountants. Some experienced CAs, they can even work independently as consultants. 

In order to become a CA, the students are required to clear the 3 stages,

  • CPT or Common Proficiency Test
  • IPCC or Integrated Professional Competence Course
  • Final Exams

The Chartered Accountants, they are offered high salary packages in the start in comparison to the other fields. The initial salary earned by them is between 3 to 6 lakhs p.a.

2. Investment Bankers

Any candidate who has a degree in Finance, Accounting, Statistics, Economics, they can make a great career as an investment banker. However, one needs to be good with communication skills, numbers and must also have great analytical skills. The initial salary offered herein to the candidates is between 7-9 lakhs p.a.

3. Company Secretary

If you are willing to have jobs after 12th with good salary, this course is again an interesting choice. The Company Secretary, they are responsible for the efficient company administration in terms of compliance related to statutory and regulatory ones. You can even work at the stock exchanges, government financial institutions, Accounts branch of the Central Government Law Services, and Bureau of Public Enterprises. The initial salary of a CS is INR 5 lakhs per annum.

4. Management Professionals

It is quite an interesting and popular choice for all the streams candidates. Having a post-graduation degree after my bachelors would prove out to be beneficial. To say, MBA, it can be done in some of the branches including, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, etc. So, if you are getting enrolled at any top school, you will be able to make it to the top first after you have completed graduation courses, i.e., BBA, Economics Honours, B.Com. (Hons). The initial salary offered here is INR 6 to 9 lakhs p.a.

High Salary Courses After 12th- Arts

Reading the below-mentioned, you might get to notice that the initial salary, it is quite low. But one must note that these courses are going to offer, in the long run, a bright and promising career.

1. Animation

It is one of the trendy career choices which did gain popularity among the students. One can either get the diploma or pursue with a bachelor degree. The career can be made as an animator in film and television, video gaming or cartoon production, etc. The initial salary offered herein is between 1 to 3 lakhs.

2. Performing Arts

This includes a career in Comedy, Music, Editing, Dance, Singing, Theatre, etc. All the areas, they are receiving a boost nowadays, and varied platforms are coming up for skilled students. In these courses, the students get to learn more about their skills and also the techniques to perform better. Herein, building a career will need much more hard work, and it is completely worth it to do it. The initial salary offered herein is between 4-5 lakhs p.a.

3. Visual Arts

In case you have any interest in photography, painting, fabric, weaving, sculpture, etc., this is an amazing field for you to pursue. You can simply enrol yourself in the course and ensure to choose the specialization as per your skills. Success, it is completely dependent on the skills you have and the creativity you bring in.

The initial salary packages herein range between 2 to 4 lakhs in different specializations.

4. Literary Arts

This involves a specialization in short stories, writing, poetry, novel, epics, etc. All such skills are although in-born, with the help of the course, one can polish them. The course helps a lot to enhance those skills of writing and story-telling. The career options generally include- Scriptwriting (movies), advertisement writing, creative writing, etc. The initial salary offered after the course is INR 2 lakh per annum.

Final Words

Hopefully, you found details about the career choices that are available for you after the 12th. In case you did, go ahead, find your skills and, based on it, pursue the course which you wish to. Do not just lean behind on the traditional courses as with the changing world; there are more and more courses coming up every day. Choose what you wish for and go ahead and continue the journey after weighing in all the factors correctly. All the best!

In case you need any other information, reach out to us, and we will assure you the best of help we can provide. Thank you.

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