How To Become A Doctor After 12th Science In Indi?

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A doctor is just another human being like us who takes the responsibility of restoring human health through his practice of medical treatments and medicine. They diagnose and then treat human disease, pain, conditions, ailments, and other conditions. A doctor, they can be found in different kinds of settings, including hospitals, group practices, teaching facilities, health organizations, and other places. The profession of a doctor does not just involve 24-hour work schedules but also helps during a lot of emergencies wherein it becomes quite difficult for helping a person to get through a medical situation. This is what can make you think about choosing the profession and doing the good deed by helping the people around you. However, when thinking about starting a profession just like others, the one question here that comes is how to become a doctor after 12th.

The job of a doctor is not easy. They are always required on duty when they spend their time seeing the patients in their office, running the test, and then interpreting the same.

They also prescribe the treatments and medicines, do Hospital rounds, make notes on the physical conditions of the patients, advise them how to stay healthy as well as talk to them regarding further treatment plans, etc. The doctors also keep themselves up to date by taking regular classes and by reading books and journals.

There are situations when the doctor performing the surgeries usually works full day for 2 to 3 days in their office or the operating room. They also invest their time by completing the administrative duties, including updating the patient record, returning patients’ phone calls, and dealing with different kinds of issues arising at the office.

So it can be quite understood that the job of being a doctor is not at all easy, and it includes giving a lot of time to serve others.

Considering the above, this article will provide complete information about how to become a doctor after 12th.

How To Become a Doctor In India After 12th? – Brief

  • The Required education from becoming a doctor is a bachelor’s degree of four years, a medical degree of 4 years, and a family medicine internship and residency.
  • For the purpose of licensure and certification, the candidates will be required to have the board certification and the state medical license to become a qualified professional who can work.
  • Considering the professional requirements, the professionals will be required to continue the medical education or CME credit for maintaining the license and the board certification residency. They will also be required to have the DEA registration for prescribing controlled substances.
  • In between 2015 to 2019, the projected job growth for the profession of the doctor was 18% and higher than the other occupations, and the average salary in 2015 was $188,750 annually for the general and family practitioners. The salary range has been increasing since that time.

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How To Become Doctor After 12th- Eligibility Criteria?

To become a doctor, you are required to fulfill the following criteria,

  • Make sure to get good marks/grades and pass 12th standard with Physics, Biology, and Chemistry with at least 60% of the marks from any of the recognized boards of education.
  • For getting admissions in some of the best colleges or medical schools, your grades should always be first class.
  • The better the grades, the most seriously you will be taken for the program. As a candidate, if you wish to get much more opportunities while trying to build connections and network along the way, you should make sure to keep up with the grades.
  • Make sure to choose the science stream together with maths during the school days. Anyone who wishes to be the best within the pre-med programs as well as the medical schools, they should be dealing with science and math from a very early age. So make sure that whatever course your high school is offering in science and maths, you enroll yourself and try to be prepared for what is coming ahead.

What We Have To Do To Become a Doctor? – Procedure

There are certain steps that are to be followed in order to become a qualified doctor. Just go ahead and give the same a read.

#Step1- Complete Your Four Years Bachelor Degree

This is one of the first steps to becoming the doctor you have wished for. So you will be required to complete the four-year pre-medical undergraduate program. Every single college and medical school have their own requirements as well as eligibilities. However, one common point is that you need to have a strong focus on some of the areas, including chemistry, anatomy, calculus, physics, organic chemistry, and biology.

#Step2- Clear The Admission Test of Medical College

If a question is how to become a doctor in India after 12th, note that in order to become one, you will be required to take MCAT or the Medical College Admission Test. Here you will be getting the multiple-choice questions and the questions related to critical thinking, problem-solving, scientific principles, and writing. It is quite important to perform well during this examination so as to enter any of the medical schools of your choice.

For MBBS, medical entrance examinations are,

  • MCAT- Medical College Admission Test
  • AIIMS- All India Institute of Medical Science Entrance Exam
  • AIMS- Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences
  • AIPMT- All India- Pre Medical/Pre Dental Entrance Exam
  • AFMC- Armed Forces Medical College Exam
  • Medical Entrance Exam in Delhi/Andhra Pradesh
  • BLDE University undergraduate entrance exam
  • KEAM- Kerala Entrance Exam (MBBS, BV.Sc, BDS, and AH)
  • All India Common Entrance Test, Dr. DY Patil Medical College, etc.

How To Become a Doctor in India After 12th? – Coaching Centers 

  • Aakash Institute
  • Brilliant Tutorials
  • Oasis Educational Services
  • Elite Academy
  • Allen Career Institute
  • Bansal classes
  • Naryana
  • Naik Academy
  • Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences (DAMS)

#Step3- Get Enrolled At The 4-years Medical School

The next step for your question about what to do to become doctor is getting enrolled in the doctor of medicine program, which is 4 years long and has combined the clinical training and the academic coursework together. 

  • First two years how the degree will be teaching the candidates about topics including microbiology, physiology, anatomy, and medical law and ethics.
  • Final 2 years will require the students to participate in the clinical rotations. The rotations will be completed within the supervision of the doctors and will expose you as the student to different areas, including pediatrics, surgery, psychiatry, obstetrics, gynecology, internal medicine, etc. 
  • The medical students will be required to complete the courses in different areas including, anatomy, ethics, pharmacology, biochemistry, physiology.

The medical students can easily choose for pursuing other the doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.) or doctor of medicine (M.D.) degree. Both these programs are almost the same except that the doctor of osteopathic medicine will involve the training within osteopathic manipulative medicine. In the last two years of medical school, it should be required for gaining real-world experience by being a part of the clinic and hospitals wherein they will learn how to diagnose and then treat the patients while they continue to work within the licensed physician supervision.

#Step4- Get The License

The doctors are required to obtain a medical license so that they can practice at any kind of medical facility, including the hospitals. In order to on the same, the doctors will be required to pass USMLE or the United States Medical Licensing, which is a three-part examination covering the topics that involve medical concepts and scientific concepts, management in the ambulatory settings, and patient care.

#Step5- Completing the Medical Residency

After you have graduated from medical school, being an aspiring doctor, you will be required to enter the residency program. The program not just provides the doctor with payment but also gives them on-the-job training. The residency program can last between 3 to 7 years based upon the specialty chosen by the candidate. The residencies and the hospital provides the opportunity for the graduates of Medical school to have a beginning for treating the patients with the supervision of licensed and experienced doctors.

Medical Colleges List and Details

There are many universities and colleges out there to pursue M.B.B.S in India. Some of them are mentioned below.

Government Managed M.B.B.S. Colleges

University Name Medical College Seats
Pondicherry University Andaman & Nicobar Islands Institute of Medical Sciences, Port Blair 100
NTR University of Health Sciences, VijayWada Government Medical College, Anantapur 100
NTR University of Health Sciences, VijayWada Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool 200
NTR University of Health Sciences, VijayWada Rangaraya Medical College, Kakinada 200
Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna Government Medical College, Bettiah 100
Deemed University, Jammu & Kashmir Sher-I-Kashmir Instt. Of Medical Sciences, Srinagar 100
Kolhan University, Chaibasa M G M Medical College, Jamshedpur 100
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University North Delhi Muncipal Corporation Medical College, Delhi 50
Gujarat University Ahmedabad Municipal Coporation Medical Education Trust Medical College, Ahmedabad 150

Trust Managed M.B.B.S Colleges

University Name Medical College Seats
NTR University of Health Sciences, VijayWada Alluri Sitaram Raju Academy of Medical Sciences, Eluru 150
NTR University of Health Sciences, VijayWada Dr. P.S.I. Medical College , Chinoutpalli 150
NTR University of Health Sciences, VijayWada Guntur Medical College, Guntur 200
NTR University of Health Sciences, VijayWada Konaseema Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Foundation, Amalapuram 150
NTR University of Health Sciences, VijayWada Narayana Medical College, Nellore 250
B.N. Mandal University Lord Buddha Koshi Medical College and Hospital, Saharsa 0
B.N. Mandal University Mata Gujri Memorial Medical College, Kishanganj 100
Maharishi Marakandeshwar University, Kumarhatti, Solan Maharishi Markandeshwar Medical College & Hospital, Solan 150
Jammu University  Acharya Shri Chander College of Medical Sciences, Jammu 100

Some Other University and Society Managed M.B.B.S Colleges

University Name Medical College Management Seats
Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management Deemed, Visakhapatnam GITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Visakhapatnam University  150
NTR University of Health Sciences, VijayWada Viswabharathi Medical College, Kurnool Society 0
Srimanta Shankardeva University of Health Sciences Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Medical College, Barpeta, Assam Government- Society 100
Ayush and Health University, Raipur Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Medical College, Durg Private 150
Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University,Patan GMERS Medical College, Dharpur Patan Government- Society  150

Final Words

Hope the article was able to provide the required information about how to become a doctor in India after 12th. We have tried to include all the necessary steps apart from the eligibility criteria, etc. So, if you are willing to pursue the course, go ahead and choose any of the universities from the list provided above. Note that we have included some universities’ names, and there are many others out there too from where you can go ahead and pursue your goal to be of highly reputed professional. Just do not give up and continue ahead. You will find your way.

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