Commercial Pilot- How to pursue after class 12th?

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There are many students around who wish to become Pilots. They want to get a commercial pilot license. But the question is how to become a pilot in India after 12th. Note that there exist varied pilot training institutes or aviation courses in order to study and pursue ones’ dream to become to get the job of the Pilot and earn a good salary. There also exists a great scope within aeronautical engineering as the Pilot. However, before you go ahead and apply, it is better to know some facts about the airline pilot training. 

Being a pilot is not a simple career, and it is not at all similar to learning to drive a car. The reason is that there are 100s of lives at risk and dependent upon the Pilot. So, one needs to not carry along the life pressure while flying the passenger aircraft or the private jets. 

In order words, there exist 2 types of pilots.

  • Senior and Experienced Pilot- The captain
  • Co-pilot
  • In case the aircraft is bigger, there also exists the 3rd Pilot- Flight Engineer.

However, if considering the computerized monitoring system (automatic), the maximum airlines have just the 2 pilots only. On the one hand, where the captain keeps a check over the surveillance for the other crew members, on the other hand, the co-pilot monitors the system and then communicates with air traffic controllers. Some of the important functions of the air pilots are, 

  • Keep a check over the jet or the aircraft’s smooth functioning.
  • Keeping track of the weather conditions of all of the in-route destinations.
  • Keeping the hawk-eye over the speed and making sure to follow all the instrument flight rules. These rules are used when there is poor visibility, for making the coordination with that of the air traffic controllers.
  • Keeping utmost care not just while taking off but also during landing.
  • The helicopter pilots in specific are to remain much more careful about the power lines and the transmission towers.

What Career Paths are Available For The Pilots?

If one is planning to pursue pilot courses after 12th, note that there exist 2 major paths for being hired as the airline pilot- military or the civilian. Each of these paths has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Civilian Airlines

In the case of these airlines, there are 2 options, including flight school or the college. There don’t exist any college requirements for being a Pilot. The college just shows that the concerned person is trainable and they can succeed within the challenging curriculum. Well, both of these traits are important for being a commercial airline pilot. One can choose to attend the college that is known for offering either the 2 years or the 4-years degree together with the flight training as towards varied flight certificates, which one would require. It is after this that one will need a certain experience with the flight.

If you have questions in head like how to become a pilot after 12th and how much it would cost, well, note that the pilot training for civilian flights, it is very expensive. The basic flying lessons of the pilot training, its starting fees is around $80 per hour. You will need at least 250 hours of training before you get the commercial rating. It will also cost a lot to rent the airplanes for the instructions.

  • Military

The 2nd option for becoming a commercial Pilot is completing pilot courses after 12th and receiving the pilot training from the military. However, one will be required to give in their commitment for a number of years working as a military Pilot after one has completed 1 year of pilot training. 10 years of commitment is required in the case of the air force. One will also be required to fulfill the other requirements, including college coursework, maintaining adequate physical abilities and good health. Furthermore, it is not guaranteed that one will be able to pass military training within the rigid time schedule service or which one will be able to fly the specific airplane. In the case of the airforce, one will be required to receive the best training with the equipment which the air pilot will be flying. Now don’t confuse it with the Indian Air Force pilot’s job. The IAF pilot gets selected through the NDA examination. Therein the training is totally free.

The military life commitment shouldn’t be taken lightly, and this is why one should remain prepared for it. One will not just be required to follow the orders but will also be risking bodily harm and will have to use lethal weapons. If one is unable to do it all, being in the military wouldn’t be the best career choice for you.

How To Become Pilot After 12th- Eligibility Criteria?

For the Pilot Training Programs, there are certain entry requirements. It varies as per the training location as well as the requirements of the local regulatory. However, some common and minimum entry criteria for the career of being a Pilot have been described below. The applicant must

  • Be above the age of 18 in order to commence the training.
  • Have completed their secondary school education and must have achieved the national qualifications within the subjects including, Science, English Language and Mathematics too.
  • Be proficient in the language of English.
  • Be capable of holding the medical certificate of class 1 pilot.
  • Have successfully completed and passed the assessment process for the training program preferred.

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How to Become Pilot after 12th- Career Requirements?

  • The candidates are required to have a bachelor’s degree in either of the fields including aircraft operations, aeronautical engineering, aviation or any other related fields.
  • The candidates will be required to have at least 2 months of ground training and a flight experience of 1500+ hours.
  • As a part of the licensure and certification, the Pilot will be required to have a commercial pilot license, airline transport pilot certificate and the instrument rating.
  • Some of the essential key skills required by the Pilot are strong communication, observation skills, problem-solving skills, good depth perception and also reaction time, along with the ability to operate the aircraft computer as well as the navigation systems.
  • The salary of the Pilot is around $120,000 per annum (as per 2014 median salary for the airline pilots, flight engineers and the co-pilots).

Pilot Course After 12th and Career Options As Airline Pilot

In order to become an airline pilot, one will be required to follow the below-mentioned steps.

#1. Obtaining Bachelor’s Degree

Having a college degree, it isn’t a requirement for starting the career field as per the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics or the BLS report, which the airline pilots get required for having the bachelor that can be major. But the aspiring pilots, they can gain much more relevant knowledge by simply enrolling in the bachelors’ program in aviation or aeronautics. Even after the major, the students will be required to complete the coursework within aeronautical engineering, physics, English and mathematics. It is quite important for enrolment within the aeronautics or the aviation program, which is to be approved from the end of the Federal Aviation Administration or FAA.

#2. Getting The Better Flight Experience

The aspiring pilots of the airlines will be required to complete certain hours of flight training for qualifying for the licensure. In order to obtain the commercial license for the Pilot, one is required to have a flight time of 250 hours apart from the 1500 hours which they will be competing for the airline transport pilot certificate.

Flight training, it can be easily completed with the help of degree programs or from the flying schools which are approved by the FAA. The airline pilots, they also are required to have the 40 hours minimum instrument flying experience in the air and also through the stimulations. The instrument flying ratings, it demonstrates the ability of the Pilot for flying within conditions of low visibility.

One of the success tips which works right herein is finding the flight instructors. Even when the formal training offers basic education, it doesn’t actually offer enough of the experience for easily succeeding as the airline pilot as per ALPA. So, by hiring personal flight instructors, the students will have the opportunity to acquire in-depth and adequate knowledge.

One can even join the military. As per ALPA, there are many pilots who have obtained their flying experience from the help of the military. The military pilots also get the opportunity to gain substantial flight experience. It is also very attractive for the candidates for some of the airline’s companies.

#3. Getting the license of the Pilot

In order to obtain it, one will be required to complete their minimum hours of the flight experience. The individuals further are also expected to pass the written examination, demonstrating their flying ability and taking the instrument flying rating examination. As part of the license stipulations of the Pilot, the individuals, they are now required for passing the physical examination, which will be including to have a vision that is correctable to 20/20, having good hearing and none of the physical handicaps which will be interfering with the job.

#4. Completing the additional training and tests

There are many airline companies that require pilots for taking psychological, physical and aptitude tests along with drug tests as a part of the prerequisite for employment. After the pilots are hired, they are also required to undergo the additional 6-8 weeks of the training, which includes having at least a flight time of 25 hours.

Apart from it, the new hires, they are brought in as co-pilots. It is also very common for some pilots to start their careers at small commuters or regional airline companies. It provides them the opportunity to gain much more of the flying experience before they get hired at some major airline.

#5. Advanced as the Airline Pilot

The advancement within this field is generally based upon seniority. However, the pilots, they can reach to the captain’s rank using other means. The airline pilots, they can easily obtain the air transport license of the Pilot, which will be showing the cross-country, night and instrument flying experience. It will be requiring the candidates to pass the additional written and practical exams conducted by the FAA. The pilots might also aim towards acquiring more flight ratings. These ratings are typically and directly correlated to the aircraft type which one can fly easily, like the multi-engine jet.

One success tip herein, which works all the time is, joining the professional association. The airline pilots have the ability to continue the learning and also stay completely up to date with the changes within the industry through the membership which they get with the professional pilot associations. Just, for example, the pilots can easily access the safety training webcasts and the webinars which are offered by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association or AOPA or the safety seminars which are offered from the end of the International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations or IFALPA.

Admission Process In The Pilot Training Course and Institute after 12th (Science)

In case if you have cleared your +2 with science, you are eligible for joining the Commercial Pilot License training program, in case you are able to meet up with all the above-mentioned educational as well as the medical standards. You also have the option for approaching the private institutes, filling the forms therein and getting started. 

There are many Pilot Training institutes that as the candidates for taking the Pilot Aptitude Test. The candidates are required to clear it so as to get selected. The aptitude test is the 3-stage process which comprises of the,

  • Written Examination
  • Interview and 
  • Aptitude test

If you are worried about what to study to become a pilot after 12th, note that, some major subjects which you need to concentrate upon are discussed below. Like for the written examination, one will be required to prepare for,

  • Mathematics
  • General Knowledge
  • Geography
  • English Skills, etc.

The written examination is followed by the interview.

The candidates who clear 1st 2 stages, they are called upon for 3rd stage. It is the Pilot Aptitude Test. Once this is over, the final stages include the medical examination. With all the processes coming to an end, the merit list is then prepared regarding the performance of the candidates at the end of each stage of the selection process and also the medical examination. So, finally, after it all, the deserving candidates are selected based on merit, and then they are provided with the pilot training for becoming commercial pilots.

How To Become a Pilot in India After 12th- Examinations To Appear For?

Based on the educational qualifications, in order to become a Pilot in the IAF, there are different examinations conducted. Give a read further to know more about it.

After 10+2- NDA examination

The NDA or National Defence Academy examination is conducted by UPSC. In order to clear it, one needs to undergo the 3-year training at the NDA in Khadakwasla. It is then followed by the flying training conducted at the establishments of the Air Force Training. After this, one will get commissioned as the permanent commission officers, and they may get posted as the pilots at any of the Air Force Stations.

After the Graduation

If, as the graduate, you wish to join the flying branch as the Pilot, you can go and join the Air Force Academy in either of the following, 

CDSE- It is for the men only

The Combined Defence Services or the CDS examination is conducted by the UPSC for getting admission to either of the following including, the Indian Military Academy or Air Force Academy (AFA) or Indian Naval Academy. After the training from the AFA, one will be getting the permanent commission as the Pilot. 

NCC Special Entry- It is for the men only

One can apply for the Flying Branch of Indian Air Force in case you are the Certificate holder of the National Cadet Corps or NCC’s Air Wing Senior Division ‘C’. Herein, only the men can join Air Force using the mode of entry specified, and they are then given the permanent commission.

AFCAT- It is for the Men & Women

The exam of AFCAT allows both women and men to get in the flying branch of the Short Service Commission or SSC, i.e., for 14 years. 

Pilot Training Types in the Pilot Training Institutes

The training period for the pilots continues for around 1 year in many institutes. There are certain training schools that conduct the crash course program, the duration of which is quite less.

The process of training, it can be classified into 2 parts, 

  • Flying Training- Flying training, it is all about mastering in the art of flying the given aircraft. It is the part that actually proves to be very costly within the training process. 
  • Ground Training- Ground training, it is all about the dealings within varied aviation aspects like the air traffic systems and rules, navigation, working with the aircraft systems and machines, the safety systems, etc.

The candidates will have to clock at least 200 flight hours before they get provided with the CPL.

 Training Institutes To Become The Pilot

  • Ahmedabad Aviation and Aeronautics- Ahmedabad
  • All India Institute of Aeronautics (AIIA)- Dehradun
  • Andhra Pradesh Flying Club Hyderabad Airport- Hyderabad
  • Assam Flying Club, Guwahati Airport- Guwahati
  • Bihar Flying Institute, Civil Aerodrome- Patna, Bihar
  • CAE Oxford Aviation Academy
  • Coimbatore Flying Club- Coimbatore
  • Government Aviation Training Institute- Bhubaneswar
  • Flying Club, Aerodrome- Lucknow
  • Government Flying Training School- Bangalore
  • Indian Aviation Academy- Mumbai
  • Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi- Bareli
  • Jamshedpur Co-operative Flying Club Ltd- Jamshedpur
  • Karnal Aviation Club- Kunjpura Road, Karnal, Haryana
  • Rajasthan State Flying School- Sanganer Airport, Jaipur
  • Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy- Secunderabad
  • School of Aviation Science and Technology, Delhi Flying Club Ltd- New Delhi
  • State Civil Aviation, UP Govt Flying Training Center Kanpur and Varanasi
  • West Bengal Flying Training Institute- Kolkata

How To Become a Pilot in India after 12th- Details?

Commercial Pilot

In case if you have the interest to become a Commercial Pilot, you will be required to pass class12th, and you should have some subjects including maths and physics. After the same, you will be required to,

  • Clear the DGCA class 2 medical and also get the file number.
  • Ensure to take the initial ground class for the experienced instructor.
  • Make sure to choose any good flight training school either in Canada, New Zealand or Canada (anywhere apart from India) and take the admissions therein.
  • Next, fly and log in the minute of 200 hours.
  • Lastly, clear the theory and the flying examination and get the CPL.

For the pilot course, it is suggested not to connect with any consultancy or agents. Just do not waste the money on it. You can easily join the flight schools directly for the CPL training. The training costs are dependent on the country as well as the school selected in the United States of America for 6 to 8 months course for INR 16- 22 lakhs, in New Zealand for the 1-year course it will cost around 19 to 25 lakhs. The same course would cost around INR 28 to 30 lakhs in India for the course duration of 2 to 3 years.

Defence Pilot

For the defence pilot, if one is interested that note that there are 2 types of entries available in the Indian Airforce. The details have been discussed below,

NDA entry- it is for the male students who have passed 10+2 with physics and mathematics as the subjects. Furthermore, the candidates need to be in between 16 and ½ years and 19 years of age and must be unmarried. The NDA advertisements get released by the UPSC every year in March and September.

The aspirants should further remember that the UPSC released the advertisement in advance 15 months for the course, which commences in January and July every year. It is for the permanent commission in IAF’s flying branch.

Final Words

In case you are willing to take the pilot courses after 12th, make sure to get through this article and apply if only the course interests you. We hope this article was able to serve your needs and was able to provide you with all the relevant information.

In case you still have any doubts, connect with us, and we will try to clear the same. If not, go ahead and prepare yourself for this amazing profession that has so much to offer to you.

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