How to Get into IIT?- Process and Mindset

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In recent years IITs have become a symbol of success and achievement in Indian society. Not only in Indian society but these technical nurseries of India are getting recognized at the international level as well. People from all around the world in the field of technology knows the potential of IITs and their students. I mean just Look at the most famous persons in the tech industry in India right now. You find that many of those people are IIT pass outs. Looking at the success of those people, there are lakhs of students in India who also want to get into the IITs.

There are many parents these days in India who has a dream that their child might get into an IIT someday. These IITs are considered the best places in India to get technical education and jump-start a successful career in this field. Most of the MNCs (Multi-National Companies) who have their setup in India trusts the IIT pass outs the most. Whenever it comes to placement in the field of engineering some IITs offer the best placements in India. Because all the good companies know that they can find some of the greatest minds in India here in the IIT only.

So given all the opportunities, why a student would think of any other institute? Therefore in this article, we are going to talk about how to get into IIT, the full process, and the mindset required. I am pretty sure that this article is going to be very informative for those who don’t have a source of guidance on this topic.

how to get into IIT
how to get into IIT

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How to get into IIT? – Process

Before talking about anything else we will talk about the process that every student has to go through to get into the IIT. This process consists of two exams first is the JEE (Mains) and JEE (Advance), here the JEE means Joint Entrance Exam. As it is clear from its name that it is an entrance exam and this exam is conducted by the National Test Agency. For the past few years, the Mains exam is conducted twice a session, the first Mains exam is conducted between December and January whereas the second Mains exam is conducted between the month of March and April. The best score for these two exams is considered to prepare a merit list. Then the successful students can appear for the Advance exam in May.

1. Jee Mains 

First of all the National Test Agency conducts the JEE Mains exam. There are two separate types of Mains exams that are conducted by the Agency. The first is for those students who want to pursue the Engineering courses in IITs and the second for those students who to pursue the Architecture courses.

So firstly we will discuss the details of the exam conducted for engineering aspirants. In this exam, the students are given a question paper that has various Multiple Choice Type questions. The students have to give the answer to the question by ticking the right choice. This exam is computer-based and has three different sets on the basis of subjects namely Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. The paper is of 300 marks in total.

Now the second type of exam is conducted for the aspirants who want to take admission into the Architecture stream. The mains for these aspirants are conducted into three different parts. In the first part of the exam, the aspirants have to solve a Mathematics question paper. This paper consists of Multiple Choice Questions. then the students have to give an Aptitude Test which also consists of multiple-choice questions. Both of these papers are computer-based tests. the last paper is a kind of drawing aptitude test which is conducted in the pen and paper mode.

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2. JEE Advance

The students who successfully qualify for the JEE mains examination can appear for the JEE advance exam. The JEE Advance exam consists of two papers. In these papers, candidates get to answer the questions related to physics, chemistry, and mathematics. If the aspirant is preparing for the architecture stream then he/she has to give Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT) in addition to these JEE Advance papers. After this exam, the authorities prepare a merit list of the successful candidates and All India Ranks are given to the successful candidates. On the basis of this rank, you can take admission in the IITs.

The IITs close their cut-offs on very high All India Ranks. For Example last year IIT Bombay’s cutoff for the general category on the gender-neutral seats opened at All India Rank (AIR) 1 and closed at AIR 63 in Computer Science and Engineering branch. Also, remember that every year lakhs of students compete for these seats in the top IITs. All the IITs give reservations on the basis of categories (Gen/OBC/SC/ST).

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Prepare a Mindset to Get into IIT

Since we have discussed the process and examinations that you have to go through on the path of IIT. Now it is the time to discuss the most important thing i.e. mindset because without changing your mindset and some habits, you might struggle on your path. In this heading, we will discuss some important questions that you have to ask yourself before starting your journey. Here are some of the important things that you should consider.

1. Am I really interested in it?

Yes, guys, it is the most important question that you should ask yourself. It is not just about preparing for IIT or doing any other thing in life. If you are not interested in it then you will not be able to enjoy the process and will be able to put all your efforts into it. If you just want to go IIT by looking at some other successful person then it is totally not worth it unless you really feel that you want to do it.

Apart from your interest, you should analyze your academic performance as well. Because to get into the top IITs you have to be really good at subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. By analyzing I don’t mean to look on your 10th mark sheet but to think if you are really into these subjects or not. You should ask yourself if you can study these subjects with interest for 3-4 hours regularly. After all this introspection, if everything seems fine to you then you can go for it.

Moreover, if you feel that it is very difficult for you to make a decision then you should talk to your family about it. Or you can take the help of a career counselor.

2. Be Prepared to Change your Lifestyle   

If you are really that kind of person who goes out a lot, have a lot of friends, and like to chill out with them a lot then you have to make some changes in your lifestyle. Because from the day you start your preparation you will have to be really focused. You might not get enough time to meet your friends and chill out with them.

You have to make a really tight schedule and follow it with all your efforts. The students preparing for IITs study 5-6 hours a day on average (after their school and coaching). Limit the use of your mobile phone, social media, and video games. Rather than that invest your time in studying as much as you can. Also, remember to take care of your health and avoid eating junk food to stay healthy most of the time.

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Placement Record

The placement records of IITs is very decent. Most of the students in these institutes get placements after completing their degrees. In top IITs like IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Chennai nearly 70-80% of students get placed. Whereas some students don’t sit in campus placements as they want to pursue masters whereas some don’t get placed due to their poor CGPA. Many students think that they will get a job just by going into an IIT but that’s not true. After getting there you have to do a lot of hard work to maintain a good CGPA to get a good job.


Now we have discussed all the important points that you need to focus on to get into IITs. Always remember one thing that if you have full faith in yourself then you can do anything you want. There is no rocket science to make into IITs. You just have to follow the right guidance and path to get success in it. Try to stay with the people who think like you and have the same goals as yours, this will surely help you create a better environment of study for you.

In this digital world don’t miss out on any opportunities you have. So try to use technology to make your learning better. Follow successful IITians and NITians on their social media handles where they share knowledge. There are many good youtube channels like a channel name Aman Dhattarwal who share their experience and knowledge online to help the students. So make sure to follow such people and try to learn from their experience and hard work.

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