Mahabhulekh 7/12: Mahabhumi Bhulekh Online

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All over India, there are many states who have to upload their land records online on a government portal. Maharashtra is also one of those states who have done that. The land records of the state are available online on a portal named as mahabhulekh. With help of this portal people can access various information related to land records very easily on their internet devices. All the land record information is now just a few clicks away from the common people. So in this article, we are going to discuss this mahabhulekh portal only.

Here we will discuss various procedures related to this website. Apart from the procedures will also discuss some general facts related to it. Therefore we are pretty sure that this article is going to be very informative. So make sure to read the article till the end to get all that knowledge.

Mahabhulekh ( Overview

Maharashtra government has started an online land record (bhulekh) portal for the people. On this portal, you may find information related to mahabhulekh 7/12 after selecting sections such as Aurangabad, Konkan, Nashik, Pune, etc. This portal will save a lot of time and resources for common people. People can find various information related to land within just a few clicks on the website. On this portal, you can find information related to the land by searching it with the help survey no. or even with the name.

When you visit this website then you can find various information related to the portal on the homepage only. In the footer section of the website, you can check the various stats related to it such as visitors, mahabhulekh 7/12, and 8A. Apart from that, you can also check the visitors which the website received that very day. On this website, the authorities have divided the whole state into various departments namely Aurangabad, Konkan, Nashik, Pune, etc and have given different colors to each on the map.

This portal is a great step to make the process more transparent. Apart from this it also minimizes human interference in the process of getting the land record information. It is very helpful in the buying and selling of land as people can easily get the 7/12 Utara information here only.

As you all know that this is the age of technology and it is playing a very important role in society. When the government integrates the technology into the official work like bhulekh so it saves a lot of time for the common people. Prior to such portals, people had to stand in long queues outside the government for such small work. These portals provide a significant advantage to the people because with the help of the people can access information from anywhere with the internet.

(a)Benefits of the Portal 

  1. Mahabhulekh portal has all the important information related to land records on it.
  2. People can view the information related to the online 7/12 there on the portal.
  3. Now due to this portal people can save time as they can avoid going to the government office for the information available online.
  4. When the information is available is online then it also brings a lot of transparency to the whole process.

What is 7/12 Utara or Satbara Utara?

Although most of the people reading this article have information regarding the 7/12 Utara. But since we are talking about the Mahabhulekh website then we should also discuss this point as well. 7/12 is a register of the land record maintained by the revenue department of the government of Maharashtra. This 7/12 register contains information such as the name of the landowner, area of the land, survey no. etc. The information on the register is very useful at the time when somebody is buying or selling the land.

7/12 is very useful for the people in any type of property transaction as they can find most information in one document only. Satbara is known by various names such as bhulekh and bhuabhilekh. Just like mahabhulekh portal various states have their online land record portal for ex:- MP Bhulekh portal. And now when this register is available on the online portal so it becomes even more convenient for people to check the information.

Procedure to View Online 7/12 on Mahabhulekh

People can view the online mahabhulekh 7/12 on the official website by following some simple steps given below:-

Step 1- To view the online 7/12, first of all, you have to visit the official website.


Step 2- Now on the homepage of the official website you can select the language if you are using google chrome. Select your language in which you are comfortable (Marathi or English).

Step 3- There will be a part on the homepage where you will have to select your section like Pune, Amravati, Aurangabad, etc. Then press the “Go” button right next to it.


Step 4- Now a new page will appear on your screen, on this page you have to select 7/12 or 8 a.

view 7_12
view 7/12

Step 5- After making that selection then you have to make some further selections such as District, Taluka, and Village.

Step 6- As you make those selections now some options will appear on your screen. Make selections out of those options according to your preference and click on the search button.

Step 7- Now you will have to fill the captcha code and proceed further to view the 7/12. You can then view all the important information on your screen.

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Procedure for 7/12 Mutation Entry 

Step 1- For the mutation entry first of all visit the official website of Public Data Entry for Property Registration and Mutation in Land Records.

mutation entry
mutation entry

Step 2- Now you will land on the homepage of the website. On the homepage scroll a bit to click on the “Proceed to Login” button.

Step 3- After clicking on that button, a new page will appear on the screen. On this page enter some details such as username and password. In the end, enter the captcha code and login into the portal.

Step 4- As you login into the portal, you will be able to see a new interface. In that interface click on the 7/12 mutation option. Now you will have to select the role.

Step 5- Then you can do any entry you want to do in the land record. Make sure to enter all things correctly because you will not be able to make any changes after submitting it.

Step 6- Double-check the details and click on the “Submit” button to submit it.

Mahabhulekh Mobile App

You can find various apps on the app store where they claim to be the bhulekh app. Some of these apps have a decent no. of downloads it means users are still using these apps to search land records. But actually, the truth is that these apps are not the official ones. It means they are not developed by the government authorities. Therefore everybody should stay away from such fake misleading apps. Because such apps can be very dangerous for your privacy. Mostly the government provides a link to their official app on their website only. But since there is no such link on the website so you should stay away from it. For any official work, you should always use the official website by the government to avoid any adversaries.

Final Words 

Mahabhulekh is really a very good portal for the common people. These type of portals increases the accessibility of services to people because people can access the information via any internet device. We have tried to share all the helpful information related to this portal in the article. We write this type of informative articles on this website if you like our work then you can share this article with your friends. Because that is something that keeps us motivated to share more such informative articles.

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