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Manav Sampada Portal: Registration, Login and other info



Manav Sampada Portal

In these days by using technology we can make anything more efficient. Technology makes it easier for governments and authorities to manage their works more easily. Especially for a country like India where the government has a large no. of employees they have to adopt the technology. So today in this article we going to talk about an online portal launched by the state government of UP. The name of this portal is Manav Sampada Portal which is accessible to all

This is really a great initiative by the government towards smart and efficient governance. This portal makes many things easier for government employees like application for leave, managing their details, and many other things. It is also integrated with many other e-governance applications so that the user can use it for various purposes. So in this article, we will discuss how to apply for leave on Manav Sampada Portal and how to check the application status on the portal.

Therefore this article is going to be very informative. You can read the article according to your preference as we have divided it into several parts in various headings. So let’s start with some basic introduction regarding the portal.

Manav Sampada Portal- Overview

Manav Sampada portal is a portal that is launched by the government to manage the human resources in the government department. On this portal data comes from different government departments. The date available on this portal belongs to that respective department that owns it. This portal is used by the government employees to submit their leave application to their reporting officer. Within this portal, the reporting officer can approve/reject/cancel the leave application. So yes it makes the whole process smoother and more convenient.

When you visit the about section of this website there they also mention eFiling of Annual Property Return as an online module. The employee can submit their APR on this website and for that, they just need an authentic employee code/password. On this portal, the employee APR information is also available.

Manav Sampada portal is also very helpful in developing HR (Human Resources) related database. This database is used to analyze the skill set of each employee through information like personal details, skills, etc. Apart from that, it becomes easier for the government department to respond to the RTI Act related to the transfers and posting of the employee. Because all the information related to transfer and posting is there in the database.

1. Benefits of Manav Sampada Portal 

  1. The first and most obvious benefit of this portal is that it will help in keeping the record of employees.
  2. This portal will help in minimizing the time-consuming tasks by providing an HRMS solution. Around 20 Lakhs employees in various departments in the state will get benefits from it.
  3. With the help of this portal, an e-Service Book of the employee will be created that will replace the manual service book. With the help of it, the service book of the employee can be searched very easily.
  4. Manav Sampada portal helps to reduce the manual work in maintaining the service book.
  5. The employees who want to apply for the leave can submit their application to their reporting officer via this portal only.
  6. A total of around 20 lakh employees in different departments in the state will get benefit from this portal.
  7. The portal will also reduce the use of paper in government work. This will gradually help to improve the carbon credit rating of Uttar Pradesh by using less paper.
  8. The database available on this portal will help the government to analyze its manpower in various ways.

eHRMS Portal: Steps to Apply for Leave

Recently a notification came from Basic Education Council (Basic Education Department) according to which primary, upper primary school teachers, headmaster, Shiksha Mitra, and non-teaching staff will have to apply for leave on this portal only.

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Step 1- Manav Sampada Login

1. First of all visit the official website i.e.

2. Now on the homepage you will find “eHRMS Login” option in the header section, click on that option.

manav sampada up

manav sampada up

3. After clicking on that option a form will appear on the screen. enter a few details like department (choose Basic Education in the department), user ID, and password. In the end, enter the captcha code and press the login button.

manav sampada login

manav sampada login

4. After clicking the login button another form will appear on your screen. In this form, you will have to enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile no.

Step 2- Submit the Application

1. As you log in to the portal you will be able to see the “Online Leave” in the header section, click on it.

apply leave

apply leave

2. After clicking on that option click on “Apply to Leave”. Then click on “Select Reporting Officer”.



3. If there is no reporting officer already on the list then click the “Add a Reporting Officer” option.

manav sampada uttar pradesh

manav sampada uttar pradesh

4. Now a new form will appear on your screen, in this form select “Leave” in the “Online Service” section. Then select “Block Education Officer” in the “Destination” section. In the “Reporting Officer” section select the name of your reporting officer and click the save button.

5. Then go back to the “Apply to Leave” form.  In this form select leave type, from date, to date, Ground of leave, and Address During Leave. After entering all the details click on the submit button.

6. In the end you will receive a message regarding your application on your registered mobile no.

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Steps to Check the Application Status

Step 1- First of all, visit the official website of Manav Sampada i.e.

Step 2- Now on the homepage of the website you will find “Fact Sheet / P2” under the “Public Window” section. Click on that option.

application status

application status

Step 3- After clicking on that option a new page will appear on your screen. On the screen, there will be a form in which you will have to enter details like parent department, Directorate/Head Office, and E-Hrms Code.

status check

status check

Step 4- Now click on the “View Report” button. After clicking it a page will appear on the screen on which you can view the application status.

Steps to Check District Wise Data Entry Status 

Step 1- Visit the official website to check the district wise data entry status.

Step 2- Now on the homepage of the website click on the “Data Entry Status” option under the “Public Window” section.

Step 3- After clicking on the option a new page will appear with a form in it. In that form fill details like department, state HQs, and district. In the end, click on the view report button.

Step 4- Now the status will appear on your screen and you can view it.

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How to Download E-Service Book from Manav Sampada UP

Step 1- Visit the homepage of the official website of EHRMS.

Step 2- As you visit the homepage click on the “Login” option on the website.

login option

login option

Step 3- Now login form will appear on the screen in which you will have to enter details like “Basic Education” in the user department section, User Id, and password. At the end enter the captcha code and press the login button.

manav sampada login

manav sampada login

Step 4- After pressing the login button you will receive an OTP on the registered mobile no.

Step 5- As you login to the website, a new interface will appear on the screen. On that interface search the “View

view service book

view service book

Service Book” option and click on it.

Step 6- Now your service book will appear on the screen with all the details in it. You can also download that list by clicking on the download button.

Final words

When the government deploys technology in government work then it makes a lot of things easy. It indeed helps to achieve the government’s goal of smart governance and efficient governance. Apart from that it also becomes easy for the government to integrate various services on one platform only. The Manav Sampada Uttar Pradesh portal does all that work and it is also a very useful portal.

In the end, if you like this article then feel free to share it with your friends. Thank you…

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