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Mukyamantri Yuvanestham (Yuva nestam) Registration, Login and Other Details



Mukyamantri Yuvanestham

Mukyamantri Yuvanestham- The problem of unemployment is very sever is India. Especially in the past few years, this problem has become even more worst. There is a large population in India which is unemployed right now. The unemployment rate in India is touching peak and the youth of the country is sitting ideally without jobs and money. But today we are नॉट going to have a discussion on the ongoing situation but today we are going to talk about a scheme related to it i.e. Mukyamantri Yuvanestham or Yuva Nestam scheme.

This scheme is for the people of Andhra Pradesh and they can take advantage of this scheme. The Yuvanestham scheme brings a sense of relief for the unemployed people of the state as it supports them financially with some amount of money. So in this article, we are going to give you the information about this scheme.

This article will include information like how you can register for this scheme, what are its benefits, and much more. So make sure you read the whole article to get all the knowledge or else you can also skip to your favorite section to read it. Because we have divided this article into different parts with the help of headings.

Mukyamantri Yuvanestham Scheme Overview 

So this scheme was started by former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N. Chandrababu Naidu in 2018. This scheme was launched with an aim to help the educated youth of the state who are still unemployed due to some reasons. The Mukyamantri Yuvanestham scheme is known by various names such as ap yuva nestam, Mukyamantri Yuva nestam, AP Nirudyoga Bruthi Scheme. This scheme basically provides a monthly allowance of 1000 rupees to the educated unemployed youth of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

This scheme aims to reduce the stress of being unemployed on the youth. And also provides some financial assistance to them until they can secure a good job for themselves. A person who fits in the eligibility criteria of the Yuvanestham scheme can apply for it. This scheme benefits the 15 Lakh unemployed youth of the state. Actually this scheme is really a good example of welfare schemes.

The money given by the government to the youth can be used for many things. Like they can acquire some more skills using this money and get a good job. And once the youth manages to get a job they will not need that money anymore.

Scheme Name Mukyamantri Yuvanestham or Yuva Nestam
By Government of Andhra Pradesh
For Unemployed Youth of the State
Started in Year 2018
Official Website
Mode of Application Online

Mukyamantri Yuvanestham Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents

There are a lot of things that you have to look for before applying for this scheme. If you also want to apply for this scheme then read this following content very carefully. We have divided the eligibility criteria into sections by heading. A person who has their all boxes tick can apply for it.

1. Domicile

The first and the most important thing that you require to be eligible for this scheme is a domicile of Andhra Pradesh. This domicile certificate must be issued to you by a competent authority under the state government. Other than this the candidate should also possess a white ration card.

2. Unemployment Proof

Since the Mukyamantri Yuvanestham scheme is all about giving allowance to the unemployed youth, therefore the candidates are supposed to have proof of their unemployment.

3. Aadhar Card

Like many schemes of central and state government, aadhar card is mandatory in this scheme as well. The candidates are supposed to submit their aadhar card with other documents as proof of their address, name, age, etc. The people applying for this scheme should submit their aadhar seeded bank account.

4. Age of the Candidate

Age is also a very important factor in this scheme. The people who are between the age of 22-25 years can apply for this scheme. As we said in the previous point, you will need an aadhar card to prove your age, you can also use other documents like voter ID to prove your age.

5. Educational Qualification and Documents

The minimum educational qualification needed for this scheme is a two-year diploma or graduation. And to prove your qualification you should have to submit a document related to it.

6. Bank Account

To apply for the Mukyamantri Yuvanestham or Yuva nestam scheme the candidate should have a bank account. Candidates have to submit a photocopy of the first page of their bank passbook. Make sure that your bank account is seeded with your aadhar card. Because the government might ask you for it.

7. Financial Status

The candidates applying to take benefits from this scheme should belong to BPL (Below Poverty Line) section. Further, if there is more than one unemployed candidate in a family then they can be eligible to get 2000 rupees per month as an allowance.

8. Properties and Assets 

The candidates who are willing to apply for the Yuvanestham (Yuva Nestam) scheme should not possess a four-wheeler. And if somebody has a four-wheeler then they are not eligible to take benefits of this scheme. And if we talk about the land then the candidate should not possess more then 2.5 acres of wetland and 5 acres of dry land.

Although for the district of Anantapuram these criteria for the land are extended to 5 acres of wetland and 10 acres of dry land.

9. Loan History

The people who are already availing a loan of more than Rs.50000/- under any state/central government scheme are not eligible for this scheme.

10. No Enrollment in Any Institute

A candidate who is applying for the scheme should not be enrolled in any institute for any formal education. If a candidate is already enrolled then he/she is not eligible to apply for this scheme.

Other Eligibility Requirments

  1. If anybody wants to apply for Mukyamantri Yuvanestham or ap Yuva nestam scheme then he/she should not hold any PF (Provident Fund) account.
  2. According to the eligibility criteria for this scheme, there should not be any government employee in the candidate’s family. But if there is any pensioner in the family then the candidate can apply for the Mukyamantri Yuvanestham scheme.
  3. The candidate applying for the scheme must be enrolled in the Praja Sahikara survey. And he/she should complete all the related procedures like Biometric EKYC before applying for the scheme.
  4. The people who are convicted of a criminal offense or they are forbidden by the law, can’t apply for the scheme.
  5. There are preferences on the basis of caste and community. And those preferences will be given under the rules by the government.

Mukyamantri Yuvanestham Registration Process 

Via Website

The registration process for the Mukyamantri Yuvanestham scheme is entirely an online process. You don’t have to go anywhere to register for this scheme, just some simple clicks and uploads on the official website will do the work for you. So we are breaking down the whole registration procedure in some small steps for you. Following are some steps:-

Step 1: First you have to visit the official website of Mukyamantri Yuvanestham.

Step 2: The next you have to do is to click the “Apply Now” link on the homepage.

Step 3: After this, a new page will open on your screen. On this page, you will have to enter your aadhar details, fill the captcha code, and click on the “Send OTP” button.

Step 4: Enter the OTP that you receive on your mobile number.

Step 5: Now the actual Yuvanestham or Yuva nestam registration form will appear on your screen. The form will be quite lengthy and you will have to fill it without mistakes. Because if you do any mistakes then they can also cancel your application. So fill all the details like name, age, address, etc very carefully. Always try to have a glance at your document to cross-check if you are filling the right details or not. You know it is always good to double-check.

Step 6: As soon as you are done with filling up your details, in the next part you will be asked to upload your documents. So complying with it, you will have to upload the scanned copies of some of your documents like passport size photograph, aadhar card copy, ration card, qualification certificate, etc.

Step 7: After completing all the aforementioned processes now it is time to submit your form. But before submitting the form you should glance at all the details for one last time. And if everything is nice then you should submit your application form for verification.

Step 8: In the final step you have to take a print out of your receipt and filled in the application form. You can use them for future formalities.

Important Notice:- To increase the efficiency and to eliminate all the irregularities the government has recently launched the Mukyamantri Yuvanestham android app. So you should download the app for more convenience. Click here to visit the app store for the app.

Registration Via Mobile App

Step 1: First you have to download the Mukyamantri Yuvanestham mobile app from the google play store.

Step 2: As soon as you successfully install the mobile app open. A page will appear on your mobile screen asking you to enter your aadhar number in it, so do it.

yuvanestham app

yuvanestham app

Step 3: After this click on the ‘Nirudyoga Bhruthi Registration’ option in the app. This option will open a registration form, enter all the details as they ask.

Step 4: In the app, you can fill the “areas of interest” section that will help you with future employment opportunities.

area of interest

area of interest

Step 5: Now fill your details related to your educational qualification and other personal details like the address and parents’ name.

educational qualification

educational qualification

Step 6: In the end submit the registration form by clicking the “Agree” button.

Step 7: Now you are all done with the registration process in the Mukyamantri Yuvanestham mobile app. The state government will verify all your details and if they find all correct then you will start getting the allowance under the Mukyamantri Yuvanestham scheme.

Stats Related to the Mukyamantri Yuvanestham Scheme

There are lakhs of young people who has applied for this scheme. And many of them are also getting the benefit of the scheme. So the following are some stats that will help you to understand the scheme better.

No. of Applicants 143,110
Verified Applicants 21,129
Opted Out 11,693
EKYC Done 309,516
Applications Sanctioned 431,819

Benefits of AP Yuvanetham Scheme

There are some very obvious benefits of this Mukyamantri Yuvanestham. The schemes set a very high benchmark for the social welfare schemes in the country. The following are some of the benefits of the Mukyamantri Yuvanestham scheme.

1. Financial Support:-

The most effective benefit of this scheme is that it provides financial allowance directly to the eligible person. We all know how hard it is to sit ideal without a job even if you are educated. Under this scheme, the government of the state of Andhra Pradesh provides a financial allowance of 1000-2000 rupees. This financial allowance helps the person to find a job or if they want they can also acquire some skills to get one.

2. Skill Development:-

Under the Mukyamantri Yuvanestham scheme, the government not only provides financial allowance, but they also provide skill development programs to the youth. In which the youth learns skills and also learn how to clear the interview for various jobs.

3. Employment Updates

While you register for this scheme the government takes your educational qualification details. With the help of those details, they send you updates via notifications regarding the latest employment opportunities.


So these were all the important information related to the Mukyamantri Yuvanestham scheme. You might not be able to find the official website of the government related to this scheme. So you can use the official app to register for the scheme. Although when this scheme was launched it seemed to be like a very good step to help the youth. But now the government doesn’t seem to be as cheerful about the scheme. And therefore the future of Mukyamantri Yuvanestham is very uncertain.

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