Career in Physical Education: Best Courses, Job Opportunities and Salaries, Top-Ranked institutions

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The Psychomotor skills which get deployed during sports are studied under the physical education courses. It can therefore be called the science studying psychological skills types which are required for making the physical movements. Of course, different sports need a different psychomotor skill set that can be studied for sharpening the sports skills. Physical education also studies the physical aspects for ensuring to keep the body active and healthy.

Considering all of the above-mentioned, this article has been prepared to provide complete details about the scope, colleges, salary, opportunities and much more. Give a read ahead to know more.

Physical Education Courses After 12th- Scope

PE is one vast subject within which one gets to study psychological, nutritional, biological and other aspects of sports. It can be defined as the interdisciplinary arena of the inquiry that is aimed towards the identification of all factors that will be helpful for keeping the human body completely healthy and to play at its best.

Physical education- Schools/Colleges

PE has now become a compulsory subject for universities and schools. The awareness about physical activities is rising, and the students are provided encouragement for indulging in physical activities. All of it, in turn, helps to have a healthy mind which helps to have better concentration power.

It is because of this that the students get introduced to different games as well as sports types. It helps them to explore their interest area, and then they are provided physical training for mastering the activity/interest or the game, as the schools/colleges are understanding that the career options in physical education are increasing. The instructors of PE also help players in streamlining bodily movements in an efficient manner according to the requirements of the particular sports.

Furthermore, physical training helps with physical fitness that ensures increased blood flow, which in turn causes increased oxygen supply in the body and with increased oxygen, the sugar level remains balanced. Apart from it, it also helps in weight maintenance, stress-busters, etc., ensuring body and mind remain healthy.

Physical Education Courses After 12th 

After the 12th, one can opt to pursue any of the physical education courses. The students from any of the disciplines can get enrolled herein without having to worry about the specific age limit. So, any interested student can pursue,

  • Certificate courses- 1-year course in Aerobics, yoga and yoga science, yoga and naturopathy and naturopathy.
  • Diploma courses- 2-years courses in physical education, aerobics, yoga, yoga teacher training & yoga and physical education.
  • Degree courses- 3-years courses in B.A in physical education/yoga and B.P.Ed in physical education.

Many private and governmental colleges and institutions provide physical education courses after 12th, and this field is demanding, and those who opt should have a deep interest in it.

Career in Physical Education – Eligibility criteria

  • 10+2 degree or equivalent from the recognized board/university in any discipline.
  • Candidate will be required to qualify for the Physical education common entrance test in order to get admission in physical education course.
  • Must be physically fit.

Jobs And Career Options In Physical Education

PE has a very bright career option as now sports is becoming quite popular worldwide, and this has broadened PE’s scope. Currently, there is also massive demand for instructors and teachers who will be able to teach about the budding sports of the students. Even the institution’s number that offers PE courses, all of it have multiplied so as to ensure that ample physical educations profession can come up and help around.

Career options in Physical Education- Skills required 

The physical education instructor/teacher, they should have a better personality trait for working efficiently. They should have qualities of,

  • Leadership- for winning respect and trust of students.
  • Motivation- for helping students achieve goals and guiding them for achieving the same.
  • Interpersonal skills- for understanding every student’s individuality.

All these qualities are important as unless otherwise the instructor/teacher understands the mental and emotional state of the student, they wouldn’t be able to guide them right.

Employment Areas

After physical education courses completion, 

  • The student can get employed either in sports or the health industry. 
  • One can even open their fitness or the training centre.
  • Career in physical education also offer jobs in sports clubs, health clubs, gymnasiums, corporate teams, sport-related organizations, etc.

PE Job Profiles

The instructor of physical education can work on the profiles like that of an athletic coach, physical therapist, personal physical instructor, nutrition specialist, activities director, corporate fitness instructor, etc. 

Career in Physical Education- Salary

  • The physical education teacher/instructor (fresher) gets INR 20,000-25,000.
  • In a few years, the salary increases.
  • The concerned person should love the profession, and then only they will be able to work with dedication and passion towards the field.


Physical Education- Is there any kind of course availability in it?

Yes. There are many courses within the field for studying and then becoming a professional physical instructor.

What are employment areas available for PE teachers?

The concerned PE teacher can easily get employment at the sports club, schools/colleges, sports corporate teams, gymnasium, etc.

Is there any entrance test to get admission within physical education courses after 12?

Yes. Candidates will be required for qualifying PECET.

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