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RGRHCL- As human beings, there are some basic things that we all need to survive in this world. Some of those needs are food, clothing, and shelter. Every person can arrange their food and clothing with some efforts. But when it comes to permanent shelter then there are a large no. of people that don’t have that. They have to live in temporary shelters and many of them also have to live in the rented properties which also cost them a lot. And this problem of not having your own house is very severe in India. Therefore it becomes important for the governments to address this issue. And I must say that the central government and the state governments have started addressing this issue.

Governments have launched many schemes to provide affordable houses to financially weaker people. The Karnataka government has also taken many steps to provide affordable houses to such people and they have established an enterprise named RGRHCL. The full form of RGRHCL is Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation Limited. This enterprise looks after a state-run scheme “Basava Vasathi Yojana”  to allot houses to poor people.

Therefore this state-owned body is very important for many people. There are a lot of people who search for many things related to the website of this enterprise and the scheme which they provide. So in this article, I will try to cover the maximum queries related to this which most people have. I will cover topics like how you can log in to the website of RGRHCL, how you can check beneficiary status etc. So read the article thoroughly till the end or you can also jump to the section that you want to read.

RGRHCL: The Government Owned Enterprise

As I have told you that the full form of RGRHCL is Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation Limited. And this is a government-owned enterprise in the Indian state of Karnataka. This body was established in the year 2000 by the state government of Karnataka and it looks after a very important scheme named “Basava Vasathi Yojana”. This scheme is basically a housing scheme to provide good affordable houses to the needy people.

Objectives of RGRHCL

  1. The first and the most important objective of this enterprise is to provide affordable houses to economically weaker sections of society. This is done by implementing the various housing schemes of the central and state government.
  2. They also provide the latest technology and assist people in building their houses cost-effectively.
  3. RGRHCL especially carry out their operations in rural areas by strengthening Nirmithi Kendras and also step up new kendras.

RGRHCL: Basava Vasathi Yojana Overview

The main housing scheme which is managed by the RGRHCL is “Basava Vasathi Yojana”. It is a scheme that provides housing to the EWS (Economically Weaker Section) citizen of the state of Karnataka. The RGRHCL effectively implement housing schemes to provide housing solutions to the residents of their state. Any common resident of the state of Karnataka can apply for this scheme.

But there are required criteria and if you meet that then only you can apply for this scheme. So under this heading, we are going to talk about some important things related to this scheme. We will also tell you the criteria for “Basava Vasathi Yojana” and will also tell you how you can apply for it.

Scheme Name Basava Vasathi Yojana
Run By The Government of Karnataka
Run For Domiciles of the State
Scheme Type Housing
Official website
Mode of Application Online

Eligibility Criteria

If you want to apply for this scheme then there are certain parameters for it. And if somebody meet those parameters and requirements then only he/she is considered as eligible for this scheme. We are listing all those parameters in the following points.

  • The first and the most important requirement for this scheme is that you must be the permanent citizen of the state of Karnataka.
  • The applicant’s annual income must not be more than R.s. 32000.

These eligibility criteria are set by the state government to make sure that only the needy people can get the maximum benefit from this scheme.

Documents Required

  • Age Proof
  • Adhar Card
  • Address Proof
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Income Proof

Benefits of the Scheme

  • This scheme is very transparent because it deploys the online form of application.
  • Through this scheme, the people of the state of Karnataka can buy houses at a very economical rate.
  • The homeless people of the state can also get their own houses with the help of this scheme.

Process to Apply for Basava Vasathi Yojana

The process for the application for Basava Vasathi Yojana is simple. The whole process of application can be completed online by using the official website of RGRHCL. You just have to visit their official website and click on some links and fill your details and the process is done. To make it more simple for you we are breaking the whole process into a few steps. Read all the steps carefully to avoid any mistakes.

Step 1: Visit the official website of RGRHCL i.e.

Step 2: Now find the application link of Basava Vasathi Yojana and click on it.

Step 3: A form will open in front of you. Fill the required details like the applicant’s name, date of birth, applicant’s father name, gender, income details, contact details, district, Mandal, and village name.

Step 4: Upload the scanned copy of required documents like Adhar Card, income certificate, and passport size photo.

Step 5: Before submitting the form make sure to double-check all the details carefully.

Step 6: Now click on the submit button. After this, you will get a reference ID which you can use to check the status of your application.

Selection Process

  • The selection of the beneficiary is done by the MLA of that locality or by the Gram Panchayat officer according to the plan.

Basava Vasati Yojana Beneficiary Status Check Steps

Step 1: To check the beneficiary status visit the official websites of RGRHCL i.e.

Step 2: On the top in the header navigation bar you will find an option “Beneficiary Information” click on it.

rgrhcl website

rgrhcl website

Step 3: Now on the next page select your district and fill your reference no. Then click on the submit button.

rgrhcl beneficiary status

rgrhcl beneficiary status

Step 4: Now the RGRHCL beneficiary status or Basava Vasati Yojana beneficiary status will appear on your screen.

Check the Name Correction Report on RGRHCL

You also check the name correction report on the RGRHCL portal. You can follow the following steps to check the report

Step 1: Visit the official website or portal of RGRHCL.

Step 2: Search for the option name “Name Correction Report”. You will probably find that option on the sidebars of the website. If you are still facing problems with it then your can also press ctrl+F to search on the page.

name correction

name correction

Step 3: After finding it click on the option.

rgrhcl name correction

rgrhcl name correction

Step 4: Then a report will appear on the screen. You can select the urban or rural option. The report can also be downloaded or exported with the help of options available there.

Process to Check the Grant Release Information List

Step 1: If you want to check the grant release information list then you have to visit the official website of RGRHCL i.e.

Step 2: On the homepage of the website search for the “Beneficiary grant release information” link. After finding the link click on it.

grant release

grant release

Step 3: Now a new page will appear on the screen. On this page, you can select the “Urban” or “Rural” option.



Step 4: In this way, you can check the Beneficiary grant release information.


So these were all the important procedures and information related to the RGRHCL website. We have tried to cover most of the queries that people have related to this portal. But if there is anything that we have missed out then you can comment it down in the comment section. And if you find this article informative then feel free to share it with your friends.

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