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Seva Sindhu- Online Registration, Login and Other Details



Seva Sindhu

Seva Sindhu- This time in India if you take any state then they are running various schemes for the people of their state. These schemes help people to take benefits in tax, health, and various other sectors. But since there are a huge no. of schemes so people have to visit the different online portals related to them. Therefore it becomes difficult for people to get all the information in one place.

But now the Karnataka Government is taking some good steps to change the picture. A few years back the government of Karnataka announced an online portal named Seva Sindhu. This online government portal seems to bring a change in the life of common people. Because this portal aims to reduce the hassles that a common has to go through to get their government-related works done. This portal is about to bring various government services on one platform so that people can use them.

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Seva Sidhu Portal Overview

Seva Sindhu portal is the official government website of the State of Karnataka where they provide various services on one platform. In recent years the governments are focusing more on the optimal ways to provide services to common people. And government portals are the best way to it. On the Seva Sindhu portal, the government provides over 600 services from 60+ government departments. It means people can get the services of 60+ government departments on one platform only.

On the about section of the website, the government mentions that with this platform they aim to provide services in an accessible, transparent, paperless, and cost-effective manner. The Seva Sindhu portal is also designed very neatly to give it a good feel. The interface of the website is very neat and modern, unlike many other government portals. It is very easy to navigate on the website and a person with some basic knowledge of the internet can also use the website.

To take the user convenience to a new level the website also has a youtube channel. Where they post videos related to the website and teach people how to use the website. They also post videos about how people can apply to resolve their issues related to the website. So yes overall the Seva Sindhu portal is a very good step by the government of Karnataka for their people. And further, in this article, we are going to give you various information related to this portal.

Portal Name Seva Sindhu
Launched By   State Government Of Karnataka
Launched For  Residents of Karnataka
Official Website
Launched For Various Government Services on One Portal
No. of Services Offered on Portal 600+

Services Offered on Seva Sindhu

As we have discussed that there are a large no. of services offered on this portal. Till the writing of this article in September 2020, there are over 600 services offered on this website and some of them are mentioned below:-

1. Karnataka State Police

On the Seva Sindhu portal, the government provides services related to Karnataka state police. These services include facilities of various registration and verification.

2. Rural Development And Panchayath Raj Department

On this portal, you also get services related to the Rural Development and Panchayath Raj Department. Services related to various licenses and other services under this department are provided on this platform.

3. Collegiate Education

Various Services related to college education are also provided on this platform. Services like registration and application can be used under this portal.

4. Commercial Taxes Department

This portal also provide some services related to the Commercial Taxes Department. On this platform, you can use some services of registration related to this department.

5. Transport Department

This portal also provides various services related to the Transport Department. These services are related to licenses, Fitness Certificates, and many other things.

So these were some of the examples of services that are provided on the Seva Sindhu Portal. Apart from these services, there are a significant no. of other services that are provided on this website related to various departments. You can visit the departments and services section on the official website to search and learn more about their services.

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Seva Sindhu Registration Process

To use the services on the portal first of all you have to register yourself on it. the registration process is quite simple. We are breaking down the whole registration process in several steps below. So you can also follow those steps:-

Step 1: First of all you have to visit the official website of Seva Sindhu i.e. 

Seva Sindhu Homepage

Seva Sindhu Homepage

Step 2: On the home page of this website you will find an option named “CLICK HERE TO LOGIN/REGISTER“. Click on that link.

Seva Sindhu Registeration

Seva Sindhu Registeration

Step 3: A new page will open in front of you. If you are already registered then you can log in with that page. But if you want to register then click on the “Register here” option.



Step 4: Now a new application form will appear on the screen. Fill out that form correctly.

Step 5: In the end submit that form for registration.

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Process To Track Application Status 

You can not only apply for various services on the website but can also check your application status there. The following are some of the steps that you can follow to check your application status:-

Step 1: Visit the official website of Seva Sindhu.

Seva Sindhu Homepage

Seva Sindhu Homepage

Step 2: Then on the homepage, you will find an option named “Track Your Application Status”. Click on that link.

Track your application status

Track your application status

Step 3: Now a new page will open in front of you. On this page, there will be two options namely “



Step 4: After selecting the option the below form will expand. Then fill the form correctly.

Step 5: Now enter the verification code and click the “submit” button. Now you can track your application.

Benefits of Seva Sindhu

There are many benefits of Seva Sindhu. We are going to talk about some of the major benefits of this portal. So following are some of its benefits:-

Pension Distribution- Distribution of family pension, old age pension, and widow pension to the beneficiaries.

Certificates- Certificates like income, caste, Birth, Death, and domicile certificates can be created with the help of this portal.

Ration Card- Services related to ration card.

Arms License- Service related to arms license.

Apart from these benefits, there are many other benefits as well. And you can learn more about those benefits on the site of Seva Sindhu.

Final Words

So guys these were all the important information related to the Seva Sindhu portal. This portal is really a very good step by the government of Karnataka for its people. Apart from the website the government has also launched its android app. So people can also check it out.

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